2011 Pokerstrategy TSL/Rankings

Eight players will qualify to TSL3 through ranking points in the eight TeamSpeak TL SC2 Open tournaments preceding TSL3.

Assignment of ranking points[edit]

Getting into the top 16 in any of the TeamSpeak SC2 Open Tournaments between January 8 and February 26 will give you ranking points, point distribution are as follows:

2nd - 100 points
3rd-4th - 51 points
5th-8th - 26 points
9th-16th - 14 points

If a player with points wins a TL Open and qualifies automatically, they will be removed from the Ranking Points table.

Ranking table[edit]

Ranking points from TeamSpeak TL SC2 Open #:    
ID Name 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Σ
1 GermanyGermany R TLO Dario Wünsch 51 100 151
2 DenmarkDenmark Z Ciara René Krag 100 14 26 140
2 SwedenSweden Z MorroW Stefan Andersson 14 26 100 140
4 GermanyGermany T GoOdy Sascha Lupp 100 14 14 128
5 FranceFrance P Adelscott Benoît Strypsteen 26 100 126
5 PeruPeru T Fenix Jian Carlo Morayra Alejo 100 26 126
7 BulgariaBulgaria P ZeeRaX Georgi Marinov 100 14 114
8 UkraineUkraine T Strelok Eugin Oparyshev 26 26 51 103

If there's a tie for players at the cut-off there will be play-offs between these players.

Those with light yellow background are secured for TSL3.


Fan favourite German Dario "Liquid`TLO" Wünsch was the first Qualifier in the Point Rankings.

TLO in SC2[edit]

TLO jumped right into StarCraft II with two live events. He won a Best of 5 showmatch against MaDFroG at the European Warcraft Regionals before heading to the IEM Global Challenge Cologne to play in the live $15,000 tournament. TLO traveled to South Korea with other Liquid` members: Nazgul and Jinro to compete in the GOMTV Global StarCraft II League. After Qualifying for 2 GSL Events, TLO represented Europe as one of 2 European Blizzcon 2010 invitees. Later TLO switched from Terran to Zerg then to Random, he played Random and placed 5th at MLG Dallas. TLO returned home to Germany for personal reason and to compete in European Tournaments, he was invited to SteelSeries StarCraft II Challenge where he won his Group 3-0 and went on to the Round of 16 where he was defeated by eventual second placer MorroW

TLO in the Qualifiers[edit]

TLO only competed in 2 TSL3 Qualifiers placing well enough to earn him Top points on the ranking. In the TeamSpeak TL Open 10 he reached the Round of 4. In the TeamSpeak TL Open 11 TLO blitzed through tough Opponents like MorroW, Ciara and mOoNan to meet White-Ra in the finals, although he was defeated 2-3, TLO had earned enough points in the Rankings to qualify for TSL3 early on.



Terran is TLOs strongest race, his tactics became very popular during GSL when he used Nuclear launches to confuse his enemy, while he dropped Marines in their main base or to move his enemy's army where he wanted to ambush them. TLOs Terran is overall very Solid, flexible to his strategies and hard to break.




Ciara in SC2[edit]

Ciara in the Qualifiers[edit]



Stefan Andersson is a Swedish player, coming from Brood War and competed in TSL 2.

MorroW in SC2[edit]

MorroW won the first big offline tournament in StarCraft II which was the IEM Season V - Global Challenge Cologne. He came to it as a replacement for Brat_OK but plowed through the group stage and the bracket, getting into the finals where he ended up using 5 Rax Reaper (before it was nerfed) against IdrA and taking the win. At the end of September he decided to switch race from Terran to Zerg [1] . He didn't do too well at DreamHack Winter 2010 which was his first offline tournament as Zerg, but two months later at SteelSeries StarCraft II Challenge he placed 2nd losing in the finals to Ret.

MorroW in the Qualifiers[edit]



GoOdy in SC2[edit]

GoOdy in the Qualifiers[edit]



Adelscott in SC2[edit]

Adelscott in the Qualifiers[edit]



Fenix in SC2[edit]

Fenix in the Qualifiers[edit]



ZeeRaX in SC2[edit]

ZeeRaX in the Qualifiers[edit]



Strelok in SC2[edit]

Strelok in the Qualifiers[edit]



Ranking points from TeamSpeak TL SC2 Open #:    
ID Name 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Σ
UkraineUkraine T Kas Mihaylo Hayda
SwedenSweden P NaNiwa Johan Lucchesi 51
USAUSA P CrunCher Abdulaziz Abed
UAUkraine P White-Ra Aleksey Krupnyk 26
SeSweden T ThorZaIN Marcus Eklöf 51
USAUSA T qxc Kevin Riley 26
RomaniaRomania P NightEnD Lazar Silviu 14 14
GermanyGermany P HasuObs Dennis Schneider 26 26