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2012 MLG Pro Circuit Fall – Overview

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The 2012 MLG Pro Circuit Fall Season is the fourth of five seasons of the new 2012 MLG Pro Circuit format.


The 2012 Fall season featured an Open Online Qualifier and Invite-Only Qualifier for the NA, EU, and KR regions as well as the MvP Invitational. All of these culminate in the Fall Championship held in Dallas, Texas.


The 2012 Fall Open Online Qualifiers occured from September 23 to October 11. The winners qualified to the Invite-Only Qualifiers.

The Invite-Only Qualifiers occured from September 29 to October 18. The top players from each region won all-expense paid trips to the Fall Championship as well as direct seeds into Group Play.

The MvP Invitatonal was broadcast from September 27 to October 29. The top eight players ggot direct seeds into Group Play as well as all-expenses paid trips to the Fall Championship. This collection was composed of four KeSPA players, two NA players, one EU player, and one KR/TW player. The winner of the entire event won $10,000.

The Fall Championship took place from November 2–4.