MLG Pro Circuit 2012 Spring: Invite-Only Qualifiers

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The 2012 MLG Spring Invite-Only Online Qualifiers is a series of qualifiers for the 2012 MLG Spring Arena 2. The top finishers from each region will compete in the Spring Arena 2 for an total of $26,400 and all-expenses paid trips to the 2012 MLG Spring Championship in Anaheim.


  • Double-elimination Bracket
  • All rounds leading to the Grand Finals, best-of-three. Grand Finals, best-of-five
  • Extended Series

Qualified Players[edit]

These players qualified for 2012 MLG Spring Arena 2.

Protoss Protoss (9) Terran Terran (8) Zerg Zerg (10)
Korean Qualifier (10)
South Korea Alicia
South Korea MMA
South Korea Symbol
South Korea Oz
South Korea Polt
South Korea LosirA
South Korea inori
South Korea Ryung
South Korea Leenock
South Korea Dream
North American Qualifier (8)
South Korea MoOk
South Korea SeleCT
South Korea viOLet
South Korea Killer
South Korea Rain
South Korea Artist
South Korea Sleep
European Qualifier (9)
Germany Socke
Germany GoOdy
France Stephano
Ukraine fraer
Ukraine Bly
Sweden Seiplo*
Poland Tefel
Netherlands Grubby
Netherlands Ret

*roof could not attend Spring Arena 2 and was replaced by Seiplo


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