MLG Pro Circuit 2012 Spring: Open Qualifiers

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The season kicks off March 30 - April 15 with the MLG Spring Regional Open Online Qualifiers. 128 players will compete in each region (NA/KR/EU). The Top 8 players from the Open Online Qualifiers will go on to compete in the Invite-Only Online Qualifiers later in the season. These qualifiers will not be broadcast.[1]

Qualified Players[edit]

Protoss Protoss (8) Terran Terran (9) Zerg Zerg (7)
Korean Qualifier (8)
South Korea Choya
South Korea Ryung
South Korea Shine
South Korea Alicia
South Korea Maru
South Korea Tassadar
South Korea Dream
South Korea MMA
North American Qualifier (8)
Canada Attero
USA qxc
USA daisuki
South Korea HwangSin
South Korea MaSa
USA Mystik
Mexico WinDy
European Qualifier (8)
France Adelscott
Germany GoOdy
Poland Tefel
Sweden Seiplo
Germany roof
Ukraine fraer
Ukraine Bly
Sweden Cytoplasm


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