2012 MLG Pro Circuit Summer: Invite-Only Qualifier

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The Top 8 players from the Open Online Qualifiers will go on to compete in the Invite-Only Online Qualifiers of their respective region. Players finishing 1st-6th in the Summer North America Invite-Only Online Qualifier, 1st-9th in the Summer Europe Invite-Only Online Qualifier, or 1st-9th in the Summer Korea/Taiwan Invite-Only Online Qualifier may be entitled to an all-expense paid trip, including flight and a four night hotel stay, to the Summer Arena. In order to be eligible for the flight, a player's departure/return airport must be within their qualifying region. Players who are ineligible for the flight will only have their hotel stay booked. Unlike previous seasons, Players who are ineligible for the flight will not receive a Travel Stipend.

Qualified Players[edit]

Protoss Protoss (6) Terran Terran (8) Zerg Zerg (10)
Korean Invite-Only Qualifier (9)
South Korea HerO
South Korea TaeJa
South Korea LosirA
South Korea First
South Korea TOP
South Korea aLive
South Korea Rain
South Korea Ryung
South Korea GanZi
European Invite-Only Qualifier (9)
South Korea ReaL
Sweden SortOf
South Korea Daisy
Poland Nerchio
Finland Welmu
Germany roof
Netherlands Grubby
Sweden Cytoplasm
Norway Snute
North American Invite-Only Qualifier (6)
USA Illusion
South Korea Golden
USA qxc
South Korea viOLet
USA Sheth
USA Sasquatch


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