2012 MLG Pro Circuit Summer: Open Qualifier

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The season kicks off June 23 - June 29 with the MLG Summer Regional Open Online Qualifiers. Players who did not finish in the Top 80 at the Spring Championship will have to qualify through the Open Online Qualifiers. The Top 8 players from the Open Online Qualifiers will go on to compete in the Invite-Only Online Qualifiers of their respective region later in the season. An entrance fee of $10 is required to participate in the Open Online Qualifiers.

Qualified Players[edit]

Protoss Protoss (9) Terran Terran (4) Zerg Zerg (11)
European Qualifier (8)
South Korea Daisy
Poland Nerchio
South Korea ReaL
Norway Snute
Finland Welmu
Sweden SortOf
Germany Tarrantius
Sweden Cytoplasm
Korean Qualifier (8)
South Korea First
South Korea TaeJa
South Korea NesTea
South Korea HerO
South Korea TOP
South Korea HyuN
South Korea Shine
South Korea Revival
North American Qualifier (8)
Australia deth
Australia MaFia
USA Bonk
South Korea IceCream
Chile KiLLeR
USA iNcontroL
Canada Scarlett


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