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MLG Pro Circuit 2012 Winter: Overview

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The 2012 MLG Pro Circuit Winter season is the first of four seasons of the new 2012 MLG Pro Circuit format.


The 2012 Winter Season will feature three online qualifiers, one Arena event and the season Championship in Columbus, Ohio. The top 8 players of each qualifier will be seeded together with the top 8 from 2011 MLG Providence to compete in the Winter Arena for sixteen paid trips to Columbus and a seed in pool play. The bottom 16 players will get seeded into the open winners bracket round 5.


Arena Event:


Arena Prize Pool[edit]

26,000$ is spread among the players as seen below:

Place Prize (USD)
1st $ 10,000
2nd $ 6,000
3rd $ 3,600
4th $ 2,200
5th/6th $ 1,400
7th/8th $ 900

Championship Prize Pool[edit]

76,000$ is spread among the players as seen below:

Place Prize (USD)
1st $ 25,000
2nd $ 15,000
3rd $ 9,000
4th $ 5,500
5th/6th $ 3,500
7th/8th $ 2,250
9th-12th $ 1,500
13th-16th $ 1,000

Winter Season Format[edit]


Example: Main base ramp. Placing two bunkers is not possible

MLG uses various maps created by a Blizzard and GSL and republishes them under an MLG tag with slight modifications:

  • Neutral lowered Supply Depots are placed below the ramp of every spawning position.
  • Close ground distance spawns are disabled.
  • All high yield mineral patches on all maps have been replaced with regular minerals.

MLG Winter Arena map pool[1]:

  • Antiga Shipyard - Cross Spawns Only
  • Dual Sight
  • Daybreak
  • Entombed Valley - All Spawns Allowed
  • Metalopolis - No Close by Ground Spawns
  • Shakuras Plateau - No Close by Ground Spawns
  • Tal’darim Altar - All Spawns Allowed

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  1. MLG Winter Arena Map Information February 26th, 2012