2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series/Asia/Nationals/South Korea/Preliminaries

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The Preliminaries for the 2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: South Korea Nationals are the open qualfiers for the 2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: South Korea Nationals. Every Korean KeSPA & non-KeSPA player, who isn't invited or qualified via GSL points, is eligible to participate.

Tournament Information[edit]


  • Held on July 22 and 23, 2012
  • On July 22:
    • 11:00 (KST) - Groups A-D
    • 16:00 (KST) - Groups E-H
  • On July 23
    • 11:00 (KST) - Groups I-L
    • 16:00 (KST) - Groups M-P
  • 16 groups, each with a maximum of 32 players
  • Each group is a single-elimination tournament
  • Group winner qualifies
  • Best of 3

Map Pool[edit]

Qualified Players[edit]

Protoss Protoss (3) Terran Terran (6) Zerg Zerg (7)
South Korea Puzzle
South Korea Hack
South Korea BBoongBBoong
South Korea Creator
South Korea dreamertt
South Korea CoCa
South Korea TAiLS
South Korea Happy
South Korea Curious
South Korea sC
South Korea Leenock
South Korea Reality
South Korea horror
South Korea Polt
South Korea YugiOh
South Korea Miya


Day 1

Group A[edit]

Group B[edit]

Group C[edit]

Group D[edit]

Group E[edit]

Group F[edit]

Group G[edit]

Group H[edit]

Day 2

Group I[edit]

Group J[edit]

Group K[edit]

Group L[edit]

Group M[edit]

Group N[edit]

Group O[edit]

Group P[edit]

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