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2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Europe Nationals

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This page lists all National Finals and their qualifiers to the 2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series Europe Finals.

Country # of seeds
Belgium Belgium 1
Denmark Denmark 1
Finland Finland 1
France France 3
Germany Germany 4
Italy Italy 2
Netherlands Netherlands 2
Norway Norway 1
Poland Poland 2
Russia Russian Federation 3
Spain Spain 2
Sweden Sweden 3
Ukraine Ukraine 2
United Kingdom United Kingdom 3
Combined Europe 2

Europe Finals[edit]

European Finals Main Event: 2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series Europe Finals

Qualified for Europe Qualifiers
Italy Protoss JeaL Italy Terran StarEagle Poland Zerg Nerchio Poland Protoss MaNa Netherlands Protoss Grubby Netherlands Zerg Ret Belgium Zerg Orly Denmark Protoss BabyKnight
Finland Terran Naama Norway Protoss Noticimus France Zerg Stephano France Terran Dayshi France Zerg Eeel Sweden Terran ThorZaIN Sweden Protoss Seiplo Sweden Zerg SortOf
Germany Protoss HasuObs Germany Protoss Socke Germany Zerg DarKFoRcE Germany Terran KrasS Spain Terran LucifroN Spain Zerg VortiX Ukraine Zerg Bly Ukraine Protoss White-Ra
United Kingdom Zerg Ziktomini United Kingdom Zerg JonnyREcco United Kingdom Terran DeMusliM Russia Terran Happy Russia Protoss TitaN Russia Zerg sLivko Belarus Zerg LoWeLy Romania Protoss NightEnD


Belgium Belgium[edit]

Belgium National Qualifiers
League Date Qualified Player #1 Qualified Player #2
ESL Qualifier #1 2012-04-24 Belgium Zerg Orly Belgium Makouni
ESL Qualifier #2 2012-04-26 Belgium Fauvent Belgium Arcane
ESL Qualifier #3 2012-04-29 Belgium Zerg ELVIS Belgium Veni
ESL Qualifier #4 2012-05-02 Belgium Protoss Feast Belgium Nomatch
Belgium Nationals Finals
Belgium National Champion Runner-Up
Belgium Zerg Orly Belgium Zerg ELVIS
Qualified for European Finals
Belgium Zerg Orly

Denmark Denmark[edit]

Denmark National Qualifiers
League Date Qualified Players
Online Qualifier #1 2012-07-11 Denmark Protoss CupCake Denmark Utopi Denmark Protoss Sava Denmark Dreambunny
Denmark sonder Denmark Attelso Denmark SebastianKronborg Denmark Zerg Avekatten
Online Qualifier #2 2012-07-12 Denmark Protoss BabyKnight Denmark Jimmeh Denmark SaggyMidget Denmark Khyira
Denmark Zerg Ciara Denmark Blackcidy Denmark Serups Denmark FireFish
Denmark Nationals Finals
Denmark National Champion Runner-Up
Denmark Protoss BabyKnight Denmark Zerg Blackcidy
Qualified for European Finals
Denmark Protoss BabyKnight

Finland Finland[edit]

Finland National Qualifiers
League Date Qualified Player #1 Qualified Player #2 Qualified Player #3 Qualified Player #4
Online Qualifier #1 2012-07-11 Finland Terran Fuzer Finland Terran Satiini Finland imakki Finland kiljard
Online Qualifier #2 2012-07-12 Finland MeteoRain Finland ZhuGeLiang Finland Winsti Finland derp
Finland Nationals Finals
Finland National Champion Runner-Up
Finland Terran Naama Finland Protoss elfi
Qualified for European Finals
Finland Terran Naama

France France[edit]

France National Qualifiers
League Date Qualified Players
aAa Qualifier #1 2012-05-14 France Zerg MoMaN
RoG Qualifier #2 2012-05-16 France PuSh
LDLC Qualifier #3 2012-05-19 France BsK
RoG Qualifier #4 2012-05-21 France CENSURE
LDLC Qualifier #5 2012-05-23 France MaSter Qualifier #6 2012-05-26 France FireCake
Millenium Qualifier #7 2012-05-28 France Terran Dayshi
Millenium Qualifier #8 2012-05-30 France Protoss NeOAnGeL
aAa Qualifier #9 2012-06-02 France Terran Laukyo
ESL Qualifier #10 2012-06-04 France Zerg Eeel
ESL Qualifier #11 2012-06-06 France Zerg KenZy Qualifier #12 2012-06-09 France SyDe
ESL Qualifier #13 2012-06-11 France Zerg MiNiMaTh
ESL Qualifier #14 2012-06-13 France Zerg Stephano
ESL Qualifier #15 2012-06-16 France Protoss KleeneX
ESL Qualifier #16 2012-06-18 France Protoss Adelscott
France Nationals Finals
France National Champion Runner-up
France Zerg Stephano France Terran Dayshi
Qualified for European Finals
France Zerg Stephano France Terran Dayshi France Zerg Eeel

Germany Germany[edit]

Germany National Qualifiers
League Date Qualified Players Spring 2012 1st 2012-04-29 Germany Protoss HasuObs Spring 2012 2nd 2012-04-29 Germany Zerg DarKFoRcE Spring 2012 3rd 2012-04-29 Germany Protoss Socke Spring 2012 4th 2012-04-29 Germany Protoss Rine
ESL Qualifier #1 2012-05-05 Germany HaNfy Germany Zerg Delphi
ESL Qualifier #2 2012-05-09 Germany Terran GoOdy Germany Terran DBS
ESL Qualifier #3 2012-05-12 Germany Protoss Jaxx Germany Zerg TLO
ESL Qualifier #4 2012-05-16 Germany Terran KrasS Germany Protoss kAra
MyStarCraft Qualifier #1 2012-05-19 Germany Terran HeRoMaRinE
MyStarCraft Qualifier #2 2012-05-21 Germany Protoss Tarrantius
ESL Qualifier #5 2012-05-23 Germany Protoss Honor Germany Protoss AcRo
Germany Nationals Finals
Germany National Champion Runner-Up
Germany Protoss Socke Germany Protoss HasuObs
Qualified for European Finals
Germany Protoss HasuObs Germany Protoss Socke
Germany Zerg DarKFoRcE Germany Terran KrasS

Italy Italy[edit]

Italy National Qualifiers
League Date Qualified Player #1 Qualified Player #2
ESL Qualifier #1 2012-04-14 Italy Terran StarEagle Italy Evaner
Tt eSports Qualifier #2 2012-04-16 Italy JeaL
ESL Qualifier #3 2012-04-17 Canceled Canceled
ESL Qualifier #4 2012-04-21 Italy Shala Italy oRion
ESL Qualifier #5 2012-04-24 Italy Terran ClouD
Vasacast Qualifier #6 2012-04-25 Italy Zerg ZyM Italy Loacker
Italy Nationals Finals
Italy National Champion Runner-Up
Italy Protoss JeaL Italy Terran StarEagle
Qualified for European Finals
Italy Protoss JeaL Italy Terran StarEagle

Netherlands Netherlands[edit]

Netherlands National Qualifiers
League Date Qualified Player #1 Qualified Player #2
ESL Qualifier #1 2012-04-24 Netherlands Protoss Grubby Netherlands Terran PoYo
ESL Qualifier #2 2012-04-26 Netherlands RainMan Netherlands Zerg Ret
ESL Qualifier #3 2012-04-29 Netherlands Protoss Harstem Netherlands Protoss uThermal
ESL Qualifier #4 2012-05-02 Netherlands WiseEye Netherlands NOLot
Netherlands Nationals Finals
Netherlands National Champion Runner-Up
Netherlands Protoss Grubby Netherlands Zerg Ret
Qualified for European Finals
Netherlands Protoss Grubby Netherlands Zerg Ret

Norway Norway[edit]

Norway National Qualifiers
League Date Qualified Player #1 Qualified Player #2 Qualified Player #3 Qualified Player #4
Online Qualifier #1 2012-07-02 Norway Zerg Snute Norway Cookie Norway CheesyJunk Norway Seriously
Online Qualifier #2 2012-07-03 Norway Noticimus Norway Icho Norway fedme Norway fubb
Online Qualifier #3 2012-07-11 Norway MLP Norway qualitY Norway zUP Norway Auriouk
Online Qualifier #4 2012-07-12 Norway Zerg TargA Norway actioN Norway KarateKyle Norway WhistleR
Norway Nationals Finals
Norway National Champion Runner-Up
Norway Protoss Noticimus Norway Terran Seriously
Qualified for European Finals
Norway Protoss Noticimus

Poland Poland[edit]

Poland National Qualifiers
League Date Qualified Player #1 Qualified Player #2
Final Gopl4SC2 by ESL 2012-04-27 Poland Protoss SLiDeR Poland Yeldy
ESL Qualifier #1 2012-04-14 Poland Zerg Nerchio Poland Protoss MaNa
ESL Qualifier #2 2012-04-19 Poland Zerg Tefel
ESL Qualifier #3 2012-04-28 Poland Terran DieStar
ESL Qualifier #4 2012-05-05 Poland Forte Poland Zerg Zazu
Poland Nationals Finals
Poland National Champion Runner-Up
Poland Zerg Nerchio Poland Protoss MaNa
Qualified for European Finals
Poland Zerg Nerchio Poland Protoss MaNa

Russia Russia[edit]

Russia National Qualifiers
League Date Qualified Player #1 Qualified Player #2
ESL Qualifier #1 2012-04-22 Russia Terran Happy Russia Zerg ho8ot
ESL Qualifier #2 2012-04-29 Russia Neytpoh Russia Terran Noname
ESL Qualifier #3 2012-05-06 Russia Protoss TitaN Russia Terran Turuk
ESL Qualifier #4 2012-05-13 Russia Zerg Abver Russia Protoss Pomi
ESL Qualifier #5 2012-05-20 Russia Zerg sLivko Russia Zerg LiveZerg
ESL Qualifier #6 2012-05-27 Russia Zerg Aristeo Russia Revolver
ESL Qualifier #7 2012-06-03 Russia Protoss Siw Russia Creed
ESL Qualifier #8 2012-06-10 Russia Roll Russia Strange
Russia Nationals Finals
Russia National Champion Runner-up
Russia Protoss TitaN Russia Terran Happy
Qualified for European Finals
Russia Terran Happy Russia Protoss TitaN Russia Zerg sLivko

Spain Spain[edit]

Spain National Qualifiers
League Date Qualified Player #1 Qualified Player #2
ESL Qualifier #1 2012-04-18 Spain NaRa Spain Zerg LoLvsxD
ArenaZero Qualifier 2012-04-20 Spain Terran LucifroN Spain Zerg VortiX
ESL Qualifier #2 2012-04-25 Spain kayZer Spain MikOeL
MediaVida Qualifier 2012-04-27 Spain AlaStOr Spain ToxiC
ESL Qualifier #3 2012-05-02 Spain HoBBiT Spain Zerg Deathfate
Tapas y Juegos Qualifier 2012-05-06 Spain IeZaeL Spain EviLiS
AlfaBetaJuega Qualifier 2012-05-13 Spain EmPiReS Spain ZeroX
GoES4SC2 2012-??-?? Spain Blackknight Spain Sirckcraft
Spain Nationals Finals
Spain National Champion Runner-Up
Spain Terran LucifroN Spain Zerg VortiX
Qualified for European Finals
Spain Terran LucifroN Spain Zerg VortiX

Sweden Sweden[edit]

Sweden National Qualifiers
E-Sport SM Qualifiers (8)
Qualifier Winner Qualifier Winner
October Qualifier Sweden Zerg SortOf February Qualifier Sweden Zerg Naugrim
November Qualifier Sweden Zerg Cytoplasm March Qualifier Sweden Zerg LaLuSh
December Qualifier Sweden Protoss viPro April Qualifier Sweden Terran ThorZaIN
January Qualifier Sweden Terran SjoW May Qualifier Sweden Zerg Forsen
Online Qualifiers (8)
Event Date Qualified Players
National Online Qualifier #1 2012-07-02  Sweden Protoss Bischu Sweden Protoss NaNiwa
National Online Qualifier #2 2012-07-03  Sweden Zerg MorroW Sweden Protoss SaSe
National Online Qualifier #3 2012-07-11  Sweden ErA Sweden Terran Znow
National Online Qualifier #4 2012-07-12  Sweden Protoss StarNaN Sweden Protoss Seiplo
Sweden Nationals Finals
Sweden National Champion Runner-up
Sweden Terran ThorZaIN Sweden Zerg SortOf
Qualified for European Finals
Sweden Terran ThorZaIN Sweden Protoss Seiplo Sweden Zerg SortOf

Ukraine Ukraine[edit]

Ukraine National Qualifiers
League Date Qualified Players
ESL Qualifier #1 2012-04-21 Ukraine Protoss fraer
ESL Qualifier #2 2012-04-28 Ukraine Terran Strelok
ESL Qualifier #3 2012-05-05 Ukraine Protoss White-Ra
ESL Qualifier #4 2012-05-12 Ukraine Zerg Bly
ESL Qualifier #5 2012-05-19 Ukraine Terran Kas
ESL Qualifier #6 2012-05-26 Ukraine sda
ESL Qualifier #7 2012-06-02 Ukraine Zerg White
ESL Qualifier #8 2012-06-09 Ukraine Zerg UkraineStar
Ukraine Nationals Finals
Ukraine National Champion Runner-Up
Ukraine Zerg Bly Ukraine Protoss White-Ra
Qualified for European Finals
Ukraine Zerg Bly Ukraine Protoss White-Ra

United Kingdom United Kingdom[edit]

UK National Qualifiers
League Date Qualified Player #1 Qualified Player #2
ESL Qualifier #1 2012-04-22 United Kingdom Zerg Ziktomini United Kingdom Zerg JonnyREcco
ESL Qualifier #2 2012-04-29 United Kingdom Protoss BlinG United Kingdom Phamut
ESL Qualifier #3 2012-05-06 United Kingdom Protoss rANDY United Kingdom Terran DeMusliM
ESL Qualifier #4 2012-05-13 United Kingdom Protoss Ourk United Kingdom Terran Moomin
ESL Qualifier #5 2012-05-20 United Kingdom Terran Lau United Kingdom RazerBlader
ESL Qualifier #6 2012-05-27 United Kingdom Shibbxyz United Kingdom Stone
ESL Qualifier #7 2012-06-03 United Kingdom Simba United Kingdom HighGaiN
ESL Qualifier #8 2012-06-10 United Kingdom DeMoN United Kingdom Reno
UK Nationals Finals
UK National Champion Runner-up
United Kingdom Zerg Ziktomini United Kingdom Terran DeMusliM
Qualified for European Finals
United Kingdom Zerg JonnyREcco United Kingdom Zerg Ziktomini United Kingdom Terran DeMusliM

Combined Europe[edit]

Combined Europe National Qualifiers
League Date Qualified Players
ESL Qualifier #1 2012-05-05 Romania Protoss NightEnD South Africa Protoss PandaTank Portugal Zerg sYz Belarus Zerg LoWeLy
ESL Qualifier #2 2012-05-09 Lithuania Protoss Krr Hungary StuntR Lithuania Protoss Arew Switzerland Zerg biGs
ESL Qualifier #3 2012-05-12 Switzerland Wulverate Bulgaria Giantt Switzerland LeinY Lithuania Terran Fargo
ESL Qualifier #4 2012-05-16 Austria Protoss monchi Switzerland xOni Belarus Safa Serbia Terran Beastyqt
Combined Europe Nationals Finals
Combined Europe National Champion Runner-Up
Belarus Zerg LoWeLy Romania Protoss NightEnD
Qualified for European Finals
Belarus Zerg LoWeLy Romania Protoss NightEnD