2014 Global StarCraft II League Season 1/Qualifier

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  • January 8.[1]
  • 18 groups, single elimination until round of 4, then double elimination with top two advancing to Code .
  • All rounds are best-of-3.

Map Pool[edit]

Qualified Players[edit]

Protoss Protoss (15) Terran Terran (9) Zerg Zerg (12)
South Korea Sora
South Korea Hack
South Korea Pet
South Korea Seed
South Korea GuMiho
South Korea CoCa
South Korea Stats
South Korea TheBest
South Korea Leenock
South Korea Squirtle
South Korea Bbyong
South Korea Sleep
South Korea Super
South Korea Dream
South Korea Symbol
South Korea YongHwa
South Korea sKyHigh
South Korea RorO
South Korea ParalyzE
South Korea Cure
South Korea Solar
South Korea Classic
South Korea Ryung
South Korea Shine
South Korea Panic
South Korea BrAvO
South Korea Dark
South Korea Trust
South Korea DongRaeGu
South Korea herO
South Korea Curious
South Korea MyuNgSiK
South Korea TRUE
South Korea Stork
South Korea Zest
South Korea Ruin


Morning Session[edit]

Afternoon Session[edit]

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