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2014 Proleague

[e][h]2014 SK Telecom Proleague
League Information
South Korea
South Korea South Korea
Prize pool:
₩161,000,000 (≃ $156,052 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of Teams:


The 2014 SK Telecom Proleague is the first Proleague broadcast exclusively by SPOTV Games. Details were announced at a KeSPA Media Day on 14th December, 2013[1].

Prize Pool[edit]


Individual Awards[edit]

Tournament Information[edit]

Map Pool[edit]

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Playoffs
Bel'Shir Vestige Polar Night Maze Overgrowth Overgrowth
Frost Frost Frost Frost Frost
Outboxer Outboxer Outboxer v1.1 Outboxer v1.1 Outboxer v1.1
Star Station TE Habitation Station Habitation Station Habitation Station Habitation Station
The King Sejong Station The King Sejong Station King Sejong Station LE King Sejong Station LE King Sejong Station LE
Yeonsu Yeonsu Merry Go Round Merry Go Round Merry Go Round

Participating Teams[edit]

Player rosters as of Round 4

CJ Entus
Incredible Miracle
Jin Air Green Wings
KT Rolster
Samsung Galaxy
SK Telecom T1


Regular Season[edit]

The regular season consists of four rounds. Each round consists of a round-robin tournament between all participating teams with each match played as a best-of-5 in Proleague format. At the conclusion of each round, teams earn points according to their round ranking for qualification to the post-season finals.

Place Points Round 1 Team Round 2 Team Round 3 Team Round 4 Team
1st 81 KT Rolster Jin Air Green Wings SK Telecom T1 SK Telecom T1
2nd 71 Samsung Galaxy CJ Entus KT Rolster CJ Entus
3rd 61 SK Telecom T1 KT Rolster CJ Entus Jin Air Green Wings
4th 51 Jin Air Green Wings MVP Jin Air Green Wings Samsung Galaxy
5th 45 Incredible Miracle SK Telecom T1 Samsung Galaxy KT Rolster
6th 40 CJ Entus Incredible Miracle Incredible Miracle Incredible Miracle
7th 35 MVP Samsung Galaxy Prime Prime
8th 30 Prime Prime MVP MVP

Round Playoffs[edit]

The four highest ranked teams also playoff to determine a round winner in a winner-stays bracket (4th vs 3rd, winner plays 2nd, winner plays 1st). Each match of the playoff bracket is played as a best-of-7 Winners League format.

Round 1[edit]

Converted USD prizes are based on the currency exchange rate (taken from on February 11, 2014: 1,000 KRW = 0.93375 USD.

Round 2[edit]

Converted USD prizes are based on the currency exchange rate (taken from on April 1, 2014: 1,000 KRW = 0.94491 USD.

Round 3[edit]

Converted USD prizes are based on the currency exchange rate (taken from on May 20, 2014: 1,000 KRW = 0.97513 USD.

Round 4[edit]

Converted USD prizes are based on the currency exchange rate (taken from on July 8, 2014: 1,000 KRW = 0.98803 USD.


The four highest regular season point earners will play in a single elimination bracket (1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd in the first round). Each match-up (excluding the grand finals) is a best-of-3 matches alternating between best-of-7 Proleague and Winners League formats. The Grand Finals is played as a single best-of-7 Proleague match.


Overall Standings[edit]

Updated as of Round 4 Playoffs Final (SKT vs JinAir)

Team Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Total Playoffs
SK Telecom T1 71 45 121 91 328 Advance
Jin Air Green Wings 51 121 51 101 324 Advance
KT Rolster 121 61 71 45 298 Advance
CJ Entus 40 71 71 71 253 Advance
Samsung Galaxy 71 35 45 51 202 Eliminated
Incredible Miracle 45 40 40 40 165 Eliminated
MVP 35 61 30 30 156 Eliminated
Prime 30 30 35 35 130 Eliminated


Jin Air Green Wings
KT Rolster
SK Telecom T1
KT Rolster

View Games[edit]

Proleague is scheduled to broadcast live every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 18:30 KST. From Round 2 and on you will need a subscription to the SC2Proleague channel for $4.99 a month in order to view Proleague in HD on Twitch. HD quality streams and VODs of both the Korean and English casts are available on YouTube.