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2015 Proleague: Round 2

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Round 2 Standings[edit]

Round 2 Standings
1. CJ Entus 6-1 18-7 +11
2. Jin Air Green Wings 6-1 20-10 +10
3. SK Telecom T1 5-2 16-10 +6
4. KT Rolster 4-3 16-10 +6
5. Samsung Galaxy 3-4 12-13 -1
6. MVP 3-4 13-17 -4
7. Prime 1-6 5-20 -15
8. StarTale-yoe 0-7 8-21 -13

For detailed match results see here.


Prize Pool[edit]

Converted USD prizes are based on the currency exchange rate (taken from on April 25, 2015: 1,000 KRW = 0.92910 USD.

Team Rosters[edit]

CJ Entus
Jin Air Green Wings
KT Rolster

Note! These are the players who are participating in Round 2 of Proleague for each team. Those rosters don't necessarily concur with the official team rosters, which can be found when clicking on the team names.

MVP Awards[edit]

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Playoffs
Match 1 South Korea  Losira South Korea  Flash South Korea  HerO South Korea  Shine South Korea  herO South Korea  soO South Korea  soO South Korea  Stats
Match 2 South Korea  Trap South Korea  sKyHigh South Korea  Dream South Korea  Maru South Korea  Losira South Korea  herO South Korea  MyuNgSiK South Korea  Maru
Match 3 South Korea  INnoVation South Korea  Maru South Korea  Reality South Korea  sKyHigh South Korea  Maru South Korea  Life South Korea  Life South Korea  ByuL
Match 4 South Korea  herO South Korea  Dear South Korea  ByuL South Korea  Sorry South Korea  Flash South Korea  Rogue South Korea  sOs