2015 WCS Season 1 Qualifier

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  • Each region provides a certain number of spots as seen in the table below
  • Qualifiers format is dependent on the region and might be different
  • Qualified players advance to the WCS Challenger Leaguehallenger

Qualified players[edit]

Protoss Protoss (20) Terran Terran (18) Zerg Zerg (26)
From European Qualifier (28)
France Lilbow
Germany HeRoMaRinE
Slovenia Starbuck
France PtitDrogo
South Korea ForGG
Norway TargA
Sweden NaNiwa
Serbia Beastyqt
Norway Snute
Poland MaNa
Denmark Bunny
France FireCake
Spain Majestic
Ukraine Kas
Poland Nerchio
Finland Welmu
France MarineLorD
Netherlands Ret
France PsiOniC
Netherlands uThermal
Ukraine Bly
Netherlands Harstem
Russia Happy
Finland Serral
United Kingdom BlinG
Sweden MorroW
Germany TLO
Germany ShoWTimE
From American Qualifier (16)
USA Bails
USA qxc
South Korea Hydra
Canada MaSa
South Korea viOLet
USA Astrea
South Korea Polt
Canada Kane
USA State
USA Xenocider
USA Guitarcheese
Canada HuK
Canada Semper
USA Suppy
Canada Scarlett
From Chinese Qualifier (8)
China Clavie
China XY
China XiGua
China MacSed
China iAsonu
China Jim
China TooDming
China Top
From Latin American Qualifier (4)
Mexico MajOr
Mexico JimRising
Brazil Kelazhur
Peru CatZ
From Oceania & South East Asian Qualifier (4)
Australia iaguz
Australia PiG
Philippines EnDerr
South Korea KingKong
From Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau Qualifier (4)
Taiwan Has
Taiwan Sen
Taiwan Rex
Taiwan Ian