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2016 Proleague: Round 2 Round Robin

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Week 1[edit]

Round 2W1 - Match 1[edit]

Round 2W1 - Match 2[edit]

Round 2W1 - Match 3[edit]

Round 2W1 - Match 4[edit]

Week 2[edit]

Round 2W2 - Match 1[edit]

MVP 30 CJ Entus

Round 2W2 - Match 3[edit]

Round 2W2 - Match 4[edit]

Week 3[edit]

Round 2W3 - Match 1[edit]

Round 2W3 - Match 2[edit]

Round 2W3 - Match 3[edit]

Round 2W3 - Match 4[edit]

Week 4[edit]

Round 2W4 - Match 1[edit]

Round 2W4 - Match 2[edit]

Round 2W4 - Match 3[edit]

Round 2W4 - Match 4[edit]

Week 5[edit]

Round 2W5 - Match 1[edit]

Round 2W5 - Match 2[edit]

Round 2W5 - Match 3[edit]

Week 6[edit]

Round 2W6 - Match 2[edit]