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2019 WCS Summer: Qualifiers

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The 2019 WCS Summer Qualifiers allow 16 players from 6 different regions to win travel, accommodation and entrance fully paid to 2019 WCS Summer.
Each of these qualifiers is locked based on citizenship within a country of the qualifier's region.

Qualified players[edit]

Protoss (4) Terran (5) Zerg (7)
From the Europe Qualifier (4)
Poland Elazer
Germany Lambo
Italy Reynor
Finland Serral
From the North America Qualifier (4)
United States Neeb
United States Future
Canada Scarlett
Canada MaSa
From the Latin America Qualifier (2)
Brazil Kelazhur
Mexico SpeCial
From the Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau/Japan Qualifier (2)
Taiwan Has
Taiwan Lemon
From the China Qualifier (2)
China TIME
China iAsonu
From the Oceania/SEA Qualifier (2)
Taiwan ButAlways
Australia Probe