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2 Base Archon

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[e][h] Two Base Chargelot/Archon
Strategy Information
Fast Tech, Economic, Upgrade-Centric


Off of any fast expand build Protoss transitions into fast Twilight Council and Forge (for Ground Armor upgrades) to begin this transition into the mid-game. With Charge upgrade and a fast Templar Archives, or Dark Shrine, for Archon, Protoss can match the mobility of Terran Bio and out-muscle as well.

Psionic Storm is not rushed but will be needed when either player decides to push the opposing army. Robotics Facility is not necessarily skipped as Observer and a few Immortal units for support are strong choices for scouting and fire-support/muscle.

Build Order Notes[edit]

  • Any fast or early expand is fine so long as the map is not close rush distance.
  • This is a mid-game build that starts once four Assimilators and a Twilight Council (1) and Forge (1) are finished.
  • Charge and Ground Armor are first priorities to buff up the Zealots, once started add the Templar Archives and start producing Archon and head out on the map for some presence and pressure.
  • If only on one Forge, prefer armor upgrades over weapon upgrades. This means you should prefer having 2 armor upgrades and 0 weapon upgrades to as opposed to a 1-1. The higher the armor, the stronger your melee units mix will be.


  • The Terran will need to be constantly pressured to allow for quick expansion timings and denying the opponent an even number of bases, hence Zealot and Archon opening to out muscle Terran Barracks-play.
  • Sentry's Guardian Shield ability is effectively +2 Armor against any missile attacks (ranged attacks) use it and Force Field to hold early pressure
  • After expanding, your goal will be to get as many Gateways as possible. Aim for a 5-6 Warpgate timing attack.
  • Your Gateway count should be growing in numbers based on the number of bases you have. Consider having 4 gates per base, so 3 Nexuses = 12 Gateways. This is important to keep up a good army size to match his.


  • Phoenix can be used for both harass and Medivac sniping as well as removing Marauders and Ghosts from the battles.
    • This may even force a Viking response that will be useless as long as Protoss does not switch to Colossus while Terran's Viking production is still in swing.
  • Colossus can be skipped altogether for a surprise 2-3 Stargate Carrier late-game surprise, but have the same counter as Colossi, Vikings; and Marines if en masse.
  • Against Mech or Marine-Tank, a Colossus-switch is recommended as the Terran will use more dropship harassment and holding positions on the map to out muscle the Archons and Zealots with firepower, Psionic Storm is not as effective either, but Archon units will still require Ghost as a response.


  • A wide and open map is ideal because it gives your Zealots room to maneuver, the reverse favors Colossus versus Terran Bio.
  • Easy to defend naturals are good for fast expand builds that would make this transition easier, but wide open ones a pressure build would do better to deny Terran the economic start.