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2 Base Ling/Bane Bust (vs. Terran)

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[e][h]Zerg2 Base Ling/Bane Bust
Strategy Information
Timing Attack
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Often called an "eco bust", this is a 2 base Zergling/Baneling bust that is designed to hit Terran before they are able to get Siege Tanks or Infantry upgrades. This build is also known as "high economy aggression" or "Kyrix style", after the player Kyrix, who used it to great effect in the GSL. This timing attack most often transitions into a ling/bane/muta.


The goal of the build is to bust any wall and kill Terran's army with a large Zergling/Baneling force, and cause economic damage or outright win the game.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Any opening that gets an expansion, 2 Queens, and Zergling Speed will work, however the most common ZvT opening is Hatchery First

Basic Build
  • 15 Hatchery
  • 14/15 Pool
  • 17 Extractor (1)
  • @ 100% Spawning Pool, Queen (1)
  • @ 100% Hatchery, Queen (2)
  • @ 100 , Metabolic Boost, Extractor (2)
  • @ 50 after getting Zergling Speed, make a Baneling Nest
  • Stop Drones at 38 (16 at each mineral line + 6 mining gas)
  • Begin massing Zerglings, rally to outside opponent's base
  • Make as many Banelings as your gas will allow


This timing attack gets a large number of Banelings (usually around 18-20 at the time of the attack). This is so you can destroy even a Barracks wall and still have Banelings left over to kill any Bunkers or Marines.

A Terran player getting fast Stimpack or Combat Shields may have one of these upgrades, but not both.


This build works best against a Fast Expand build from Terran, especially a Fast Expand build that uses multiple Barracks to wall off the Natural Expansion. It will not work well against large numbers of Hellions, or defensive Siege Tanks.

It can also be difficult to execute this build in time against a 2 Rax opening, since you are forced to make Zerglings or Spine Crawlers. However, if you defend against this opening with little Drone losses, you can still use this attack before Terran can get Siege Mode or Infernal Pre-Igniter.

This build also works well against a Terran that goes for a fast drop build, since your opponent will only have infantry and Medivacs, and will not have any Siege Tanks or Hellions.


If your opponent has a wall, you should have at least enough Banelings to kill their highest-health building. Just move in and try to kill as much as you can. Banelings should be used against SCVs and Marines. Surround Bunkers with Zerglings, if your opponent moves in to try and repair them, kill the SCVs with Banelings. Do not waste Banelings on Bunkers, a full Zergling surround on a Bunker will kill it quickly enough. Also if there are any Siege Tanks, surround them with Zerglings to prevent them from being repaired.

You can either reinforce your attack, or make Drones once you attack. From there you can transition into whatever build you wish.


If you have planned to do this build but see a Barracks wall, do not morph your Banelings, save your resources instead. It is still good to have a Baneling Nest this early, since you know your opponent will have a bio-heavy army.

This build works well after holding off a 2 rax attack with little or no losses. Consider using this if you hold off a 2 rax attack particularly well. You can use a large Zergling/Baneling army to contain Terran inside their main base. your opponent will have to wait until he has Siege Tanks before they can expand. During this time you can make Drones, and either Tech or take your 3rd base.


Pro Features[edit]

Since this build can be used on any map, there are no features which hinder this build.

Con Features[edit]

This timing attack will work on any map, and there aren't any map features which help this build.