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2 Base Nydus (vs. Terran)

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This article might be outdated, please verify if it's still valid. It was last validated to work for patch 1.5.2.
[e][h]ZergCurious' 2 Base Nydus
StarTale_Curious VS MKP (GSL Code S ro32 Group C, G2)
Strategy Information
Cheese/Timing Attack
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This build aims at putting a Nydus Worm just outside the Natural Expansion of your opponent, and to use Queens and Roaches to kill your opponent or at the very least kill their Natural Expansion along with a large number of SCVs.


The goal of this build is to exploit a timing at which the Terran army is usually very weak. Indeed, the most prevalent opening nowadays is to do a 1 Rax FE into an Hellion pressure, followed with Banshees. This opening is very strong, since it allows the Terran to be safe against a Zergling/Baneling attack (thanks to Hellions) and to a Roach Bust (thanks to Banshees that can see the push coming and soften the Roaches on their way to the base).

However, with the help of a Nydus Network, it is possible to circumvent the Banshees and Hellions and deal a crippling blow to an unprepared opponent.

Basic Build Order[edit]

"Curious' 2 Base Nydus"
  • 9 - Overlord
  • 15 - Hatchery
  • 16 - Extractor
  • 16 - Spawning Pool
  • @100% Spawning Pool - Two Queens + Four Zerglings
  • @100gas - Metabolic Boost + Pull all Drones off gas.
  • @4:15 - Put one Drone back to gas
  • @100%Queen - One more Queen
  • @5:30 - Put two Drone back to gas (Total of three)
  • @5:45 - Extractor (2)
  • @100gas - Lair (Around 42 Supply)
  • @6:30 - Extractor (3) + Spine Crawler
  • @7:00 - Roach Warren + Nydus Network (Lair should have just finished)
  • @40 Drones - Start Roaches production + one Queen.
  • @100% Nydus Network - Nydus Worm outside your opponent's natural.


  • You will only have 40 Drones for this attack, so you want to make sure your saturation is optimal on your two bases.
  • Adding an Evolution Chamber for safety is optional, but recommended if you think your opponent may be going for Cloak.


  • Before executing this build, you need to confirm that you are indeed facing a 1 Rax FE into 1/1/1 Tech. In order to do so, you want to poke as often as possible with your four Zerglings at your opponent's natural, and scout for the edge of the base with an Overlord to confirm the Starport.


  • If your opponent's natural is undefended, you may want to bust the ramp to the main immediately to end the game.
  • If you see that your opponent does not have vision on a part of his or her base, you should consider putting the Nydus in the main rather than outside the natural.
  • Do not Forget to bring an Overseer with you if your opponent opened with Cloak Banshees.


  • If your opponent is going for an important number of Barracks, you should abandon this build as you will probably not be able to bust the front with pure Roaches: a Roach/Baneling transition may be a good option to consider.
  • If your opponent is lifting the natural and is able to save a large number of SCVs, you should put a soft contain with the Roaches you have, and macro while playing safe (spores and spines at your expands).


Pro features[edit]

  • Larger maps where your opponent is more likely to feel confident and open for a Tech build
  • Large main base where you could hide a Nydus

Con features[edit]

  • Tight choke at the Natural that can be easily defended with a small number of units
  • Close spawn situation, where your opponent may not opt for a greedy opening.

Replays & VODs[edit]

South Korea Zerg Curious Curious defeats MarineKing with this build in the GSL Code S. In the post-game interview he credits his teammate Zero with teaching him the build.
South Korea Terran MarineKing
Date: 2012-09-03
Patch: 1.5.2 VOD
South Korea Zerg EffOrt EffOrt doing the same build to Maru in GSL Code A.
South Korea Terran Maru
Date: 2012-09-25
Patch: 1.5.4 VOD