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2 Base Offensive Nydus (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h]Two Base Nydus (Hydralisk Version)
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This article will discuss a two base Nydus Worm timing attack that uses Hydralisks and Zerglings. The build is designed to strike the opponent before his or her army has a sizable number of units with splash damage abilities (for instance, High Templar with Psionic Storm or Colossus). This attack can be used against openings that skip an early army in favor of fast Teching and early economic growth. Examples include Forge Fast Expand builds that are combined with Stargate openings.


Hydralisks are slow off Creep, making them bad offensively without good creep spread. This creep spread can take a considerable amount of time; Nydus Worms are an expensive, but effective, way of skipping this step in getting to the opponent's base.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Any opening other than Speedling Expand will work for this build. The reason why you cannot use the Speedling Expand opening is because you must delay Metabolic Boost until after getting Lair (or until after expanding on larger maps). In general, you should scout for Gateway openings from the Protoss, as this may mean a 3-Gate Sentry Expand build that will quickly turn into Protoss pressure once a critical mass of Sentries is reached.

2 Base Nydus (Hydralisk Version)
  1. Do not delay Lair if the opposing player opens with a Forge Fast Expand build, as Protoss players tend to go from either Stargate or Gateway pressure straight into Colossus, making the timing for a Hydralisk attack limited.
  2. Skip making an Overseer if multiple Overlords are already in position to lay down a Nydus Worm.


Once your Missile Attack Level 1 and Grooved Spines upgrades are started, immediately start the Nydus Network and start searching for an opponent's blind spot.

  • Bring one Queen to lay a Creep Tumor to spread in the base.
  • Try to attack while the Protoss army is on the low ground.


  • The size of the main base and the rush distance between your base and your opponent's (the longer, the better) are the only important factors to consider for this build.
  • If there is a short ground distance between your base and the opponent's, pressure from the Protoss is more likely, making the late timing of this build a hazard.

Replays & VODs[edit]


United States Zerg IdrA IEM Americas Championship Finals, Game 3: Here, IdrA does a faster, less economical version of the build, using 3 Extractors and only going up to 36 Drones. He opens with 15 Pool 15 Hatch. He pretends to go Pool then gas by building an Extractor, but he doesn't put any Drones on the Extractor after building it.
Canada Protoss TT1
Patch: 1.4.3 Replay
United States Zerg IdrA IEM Americas Championship Finals, Game 4: IdrA opens Hatchery First and does a more economical version of the build, going all the way up to 50 Drones and using 4 Extractors by the time the Nydus Network finishes.
Canada Protoss TT1
Patch: 1.4.3 Replay