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2 Gate FE 10-16 (vs. Zerg)

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This strategy is for a previous expansion of the game.
[e][h]ProtossPvZ 2 Gate FE 10-16
Strategy Information
Early-game, Defensive


The build focuses around timings at the 10 and 16 minute marks. At 10 minutes you will have +1 and Blink completed with 2 Zealots, 5 Sentries and 6 Stalkers. Using this, or a slightly earlier timing without Blink, you can force the Zerg to cancel their third base, or at least force a ton of units and fight them cost efficiently.

At 16 minutes you will have 3 Colossi with range, +3 weapons, and many Gateway units. If the Zerg either took a late third or had their third canceled, and does not have Baneling drops, they will die to a push at this timing. Against armies which include Baneling drops, or against a Zerg who successfully took an early third base, you should take your own third sometime between 12:00 and 16:00 and continue to macro, eventually getting Void Rays or High Templar to compliment the Colossus/Gateway army.

Additionally, the early Blink allows you to be very aggressive and harass the Zerg until Infestors are out.

Basic Build Order[edit]

2 Gate FE 10-16
  • 9 Pylon
  • 13 Gateway, send scout
  • 14 Assimilator
  • 15 Pylon
  • 18 Cybernetics Core
  • Zealot
  • Warpgate Research as Cybernetics Core finishes, with 4 Chrono Boosts
  • Stalker
  • 22 Pylon
  • Sentry
  • 26 Assimilator
  • 27 Gateway
  • Sentry
  • 31 Pylon (low ground by expansion)
  • 34 Nexus
  • 35 Forge
  • Warp in 2 Sentries after Forge
  • When Forge completes, warp in 2 Cannons defending natural expansion
  • At 100 gas, research Hallucinate
  • Use the next 100 gas to research +1 attack
  • @100 gas Twilight Council
  • Build Assimilator at the natural expansion
  • Warp in Stalkers as money allows


  • This build revolves around a timing attack at 10 minutes using Blink and a mostly Stalker army to pressure a fast 3rd expansion by Zerg.
  • Use Hallucination to scout Zerg expansion timings, as well as tech developments and army composition.
  • If the Zerg opponent does not expand quickly to a 3rd base, or pressure is ineffective, transition into a Robotics Facility, Robotics Bay, and prepare for a timing at 16 minutes with Colossus and Extended Range.

Early Game/Scouting[edit]

  • When you send your scouting Probe, first you should check for early pools so that you can prepare for a 6/7/8 pool or 11/12 pool. After this, you should check for gas timing. If you can keep the Probe around to see when they take their Extractor, you will know that Speed will not finish until 3 minutes after that. Using this, you can send the Probe back into their base slightly before that time to make sure everything is normal (taking their expansion, no early Roach Warren/Baneling Nest, take a look at their Drone count, etc.).
  • When hallucination finishes, make 2 hallucinated Phoenix, and check first for a third base, then their main and natural to see their choice of tech. Here are my responses to a few different choices from the Zerg:
  • Some type of all-in: Laugh at them and let your 2 Cannons crush their army. Do not waste force fields, make sure they are placed well. Against lings, do not let them up your ramp, and against Roaches, do not let them focus your Cannons down.
  • Against heavy Roach aggression, make additional Cannons as needed to prevent burrow antics, and make several Immortals before adding the Robotics Bay.
  • Against Nydus/doom drops/random cheesy strategies, use blink micro, add additional Gates as necessary. You should be able to see any of this stuff coming with hallucinate.
  • Early 3rd (i.e. started roughly between 6:00 and 7:00): This is usually defended by just Speedlings, though sometimes people with mix Banelings if they are doing some highly unorthodox strategy. Against this, chrono +1 and attack as soon as possible. With good force fields and +1 finishing during your attack, it should be nearly impossible for the Zerg to hold their third in this situation.
  • More Standard 3rd (i.e. started between about 8:00 and 9:00) : Usually this will be defended by Roach/Ling, though sometimes people try to get away with this 3rd timing while getting fast Infestors and using only lings to defend. Begin moving out to attack them at about 9:30 so that +1 and blink will be done by the time you arrive at their 3rd. Use hallucinated Phoenix to determine their army size and composition, and go for the kill/cancel if you feel it is possible. Otherwise, take whatever gains you can get and back retreat safely.
  • In general, if they are defending with Roach/Ling, you should be able to either force a cancel or kill the Hatchery if they started Lair tech. Zergs who have not begun a Lair, aka LosirA, will typically have enough Roaches to defend.
  • Delayed 3rd: This is becoming more common, and is seen in builds such as destiny's 2 base Infestor into a fast 3rd+4th. Against such fast Infestors, do not try to pressure the Zerg, as you will lose your whole army and cry.
  • In any case, you will want to add your Robotics Facility and 3-4 additional Gates as you move out, and in the cases when their third is defended well by Roach/ling or mass Speedling, take a third as soon as you feel safe.
  • Do not forget to continue harassing with blink Stalkers until they get Infestors out!


At this point, you will be in one of three situations (assuming no major screw-ups, in which case you're on your own):

  • 1) They successfully defended an early 3rd base with Roach/Ling: Play a long macro game, make sure you have Void Rays or High Templar by the time they have Brood Lords out
  • 2) They took a late 3rd or had their 3rd canceled and do not have Baneling drops: Get Robotics Bay, chrono +2 and +3, steamroll them at 16 minute mark with ranged Colossi and +3 attack. Make sure you use Force Fields and Blink effectively during the fight. In particular, do not let Roaches get near your Colossi, and use Force Fields to minimize their ability to Neural Parasite your Colossi.
  • If they are kicking it old school and making lots of Corruptors, often it is best to either completely ignore them and just kill their ground army, or to Force Field the ground army and kill the Corruptors as soon as possible. Doing both half-heartedly usually ends in disaster. Also feel free to make more Immortals and less Colossi in this case.
  • 3) They took a late 3rd or had their 3rd canceled and have Baneling drops: Play very defensively and play a long macro game. Alternatively, kill them as in 2) if you have godly blink micro against Baneling bombs and you think you can take them.


This build is stronger on maps with a difficult to defend third base.

  • Ling/Roach


This build is weaker on maps with an easily defended third base.