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2 Gate Fast Obs (vs. Terran)

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This strategy is for a previous expansion of the game.
[e][h]Protoss2 Gate Fast Obs
Strategy Information
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[[VINES, CecilSunkure]]
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Possibly the safest opening available in the PvT match-up. The idea behind this opening is to quickly get out an Observer before laying down a Nexus at your natural expansion. The Observer can then be used to scout what the opponent is doing, allowing you to react accordingly.

Basic Build Order[edit]

2 Gate Fast Obs (vs. Terran)
  • 9 Pylon[1]
  • 13 Gateway
  • 14 Assimilator
  • 16 Pylon
  • @100% Gateway: Cybernetics Core, Zealot
  • 21-22 Assimilator (2)
  • 21-22 Pylon
  • @100% Cybernetics Core: Warpgate Research,[2] Sentry.
  • @100% Sentry: Stalker
  • @200 Minerals, 100 Gas: Robotics Facility
  • @150 Minerals: Gateway (2)
  • @100% Robotics Facility: Observer[3]
  • @400 Minerals: Nexus
  • @100 Minerals: Pylon[4]
  • When the first Observer finishes, either build a second Observer or an Immortal. Build the Immortal if you suspect Barracks pressure and the Observer if you suspect Cloaked Banshee play.
  1. Chrono Boost Probes 3 times after this finishes.
  2. Chrono Boost twice.
  3. Chrono Boost out the Observer and rally it to the edge of your opponent's base. Pay attention to it once it gets to their base as you do not want to lose it to Missile Turrets before it can get any useful information.
  4. Place this in your main base, but also in a position that allows you to warp-in units at your natural expansion.


  • You can scout either after the first Pylon or after the first Gateway. This is completely down to personal preference.
  • If you scout that a Marauder is being built by the Terran player (or you scout a Tech Lab attached to a Barracks) then it is possible to get an Immortal before the first Observer. This will make this opening safer against the early Barracks pressure that Marauders usually signify.
  • Assuming you build the first Observer as described, your first Observer should reach the enemy base before your Nexus finishes. If you see no sign of a Terran expansion then you should cut Probes ~30 and begin building up units ready for their all-in. If you do see an Expansion being planned then you can continue on with whatever Tech path you desire. Colossi are a good option as you already have a Robotics Facility.


Counter To[edit]

  • 2 Rax Pressure-Builds: You should have more than enough units to prevent the opponent from being able to pressure you at this timing.
  • 3 Rax Stim-Timing All-In: By being able to scout the opponent's build with the fast Observer, you should be more than ready to defend your base against any attempt at an all-in.
  • Cloaked Banshee Openings: You will have two Observers out by the time a Cloaked Banshee opening hits. This should mean that you will not take any damage from their opening.

Countered By[edit]

  • 1 Rax Gasless Expansion: The opponent will get ahead of you economically if they go for a fast-expansion against this opening. A good transition if you scout the opponent fast-expanding is to go for a 3 Immortal Timing-Attack.

Further Strategies[edit]