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2 Gate Fast Obs Into 3 Immortal Push (vs. Terrran)

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This strategy is for a previous expansion of the game.
[e][h]Protoss3 Immortal Push (vs. Terran)
Strategy Information


This build is an aggressive transition that can be used after opening with the extremely safe 2 Gate Fast Obs opening. It trades a long cut in Probe production for a 3 Immortal timing-attack at around the 10 minute mark. This is a powerful timing-attack as it usually hits before the Terran player will have Medivacs out on the field (which prevents them from healing their units and from initiating a base-trade by dropping units into your base as you move out) and as Immortals are really good at busting through Bunkers when Sentries are properly used to prevent SCVs from repairing them with Force Fields.

The build can be somewhat characterised as an all-in as it is incredibly difficult to recover if your timing-attack results in you losing your standing army without doing damage to the Terran opponent. However, it is very unlikely that you'll lose your whole army without doing damage should you micro your units effectively when engaging, such is the size of your army advantage when the timing-attack hits.

Basic Build Order[edit]

2 Gate Fast Obs Into 3 Immortal Push (vs. Terran)
  • 9 Pylon[1]
  • 13 Gateway
  • 14 Assimilator
  • 16 Pylon
  • @100% Gateway: Cybernetics Core
  • @100% Gateway: Zealot
  • 21-22 Assimilator (2)
  • 21-22 Pylon
  • @100% Cybernetics Core: Warpgate Research;[2] Sentry
  • @100% Sentry: Stalker
  • @200 Minerals, 100 Gas: Robotics Facility
  • @150 Minerals: Gateway (2)
  • @100% Robotics Facility: Observer[3]
  • @400 Minerals: Nexus
  • Cut Probe production after placing the Nexus.
  • @100 Minerals: Pylon[4]
  • @100% Observer: Immortal[5]
  • ~38 2 Sentries
  • 42 Gateway
  • @100% Immortal: Immortal (2)[6]
  • ~46 Zealot & Sentry
  • ~50 Pylon[7]
  • @100% Immortal (2): Immortal (3),[8] Proxy Pylon.
  • Restart Probe Production[9]
  • ~56 2 Stalkers, 1 Sentry (At Proxy)
  • With your next warp-in, get two Zealots and a Sentry.
  • Build a proxy Pylon right in front of the Terran natural as you do so that you can reinforce directly into the fight.
  • Attack!
  1. Chrono Boost Probes three times after this finishes
  2. Chrono Boost three times.
  3. Chrono Boost until completion.
  4. Placed so that it can be used to warp units into your natural expansion.
  5. Chrono Boost until completed.
  6. Chrono Boost until completed.
  7. Your Nexus should be finishing around this time.
  8. Chrono Boost until completed.
  9. Leave 16 Probes on minerals and 6 on gas in your main base. Transfer any other Probes in your main base to your natural expansion. Set both Nexus' rally points to your natural expansion.


If your attack was successful, the Terran is dead or you forced them to evacuate and lift their expansion. If they are not dead and you forced their expansion to lift up, kill anything remaining at their natural (Refineries, Supply Depots etc.) and kill anything at the top of their ramp by using your Observer for high-ground vision. Do not force yourself up their ramp unless you're 100% sure you can win as they will have a much better concave as your units funnel up the ramp. Transition by making two more Gateways, taking both gases at your natural expansion, building a Robotics Bay (you can do all of this whilst you're attacking if you have the APM to do so), and taking a third base once you have Colossi out on the field.

If your attack was not successful then you should still take both the gases at your natural and throw down a Robotics Bay. However, it is going to be very hard to defend against the Terran's counter-attack unless you dealt significant damage to their standing army.


  • You can scout either after the first Pylon or after the first Gateway. This is completely down to personal preference.
  • If the Terran makes a Refinery and you do not scout that a Marauder is being built by the Terran player (or you do not scout a Tech Lab attached to a Barracks), then you may need a second Observer to prevent Cloaked Banshees from killing you.

Further Strategies[edit]