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2 Gate Zealot Rush

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[e][h]Protoss2 Gate Zealot Rush
Proxy 2 Gate Zealot Rush on Metalopolis
Strategy Information
PvP, PvZ


This opening delays or omits the Cybernetics Core to allow for pure Zealot production from two Gateways. In the past, due to maps having much shorter rush distances (see: Steppes of War) it was possible to perform this build having built the Gateways in your own base. However, since maps have now become a lot larger (see: Daybreak), it is much more common to proxy the Gateways near or inside your opponent's base if you plan on using this strategy. This opening is most commonly seen in PvP, but it has also be used effectively in PvZ at the professional level.

Basic Build Order[edit]

2 Gate Zealot Rush
  • 8 Pylon[1]
  • 8 Gateway
  • 8 Gateway
  • 8 Probe
  • 9 Probe [2]
  • 10 Zealot[3]
  • 12 Zealot[4]
  • 14 Zealot[5]
  • 16 Zealot[6]
  • Continue Zealot production until the attack is over. Build extra Pylons where necessary; note that sometimes even if your supply is capped it is best not to build a new Pylon if you have barely 100 minerals and one of your Zealots is about to die.
  1. If you wish to proxy your Gateways, send either your first produced probe, one of your starting probes, or allow your probes to mine one cycle and then send the first probe back out to proxy location. When to send the probe will depend on which map and proxy location you choose.
  2. Depending on map, you may cut this probe out; assuming your scout/proxy probe dies, this will leave you with an even supply to build Zealots with.
  3. Chrono boost this Zealot.
  4. Chrono boost this Zealot.
  5. Chrono boost this Zealot.
  6. Chrono boost this Zealot.


It's usually best not to scout your enemy's base as seeing an early Probe scout may alert your opponent to possibly proxies. If you are going to scout, try to make it appear as if your Probe is coming from the same angle it would normally come from, instead of sending it into your opponent's main base directly from your proxy location. This is especially true if you are proxying the Gateways inside your opponent's main base.


  • Your Probe should get to the proxy location in time to build a Pylon as soon as 100 minerals have been accumulated. Because the rush distance is different for different maps, you may wish to test the timing at which you need to send a Probe for any map you're planning to use this strategy on.
  • You should choose a proxy location that is not along the common scouting path your opponent is likely to take. Against a Zerg opponent, try to avoid common Overlord scouting paths.
  • You may also try to proxy your buildings inside your opponent's base. This is only viable on maps that are large enough for you to hide two Gateways without them being visible from common building placement locations.
  • In general, it is best to send your first Zealot in immediately. While 1 Zealot cannot take on all their workers, you will delay your opponent's mining substantially and stop your opponent from getting their defensive units out as easily as they otherwise would.
  • Against a Protoss opponent, if the opponent has only one Pylon powering their initial Gateway then you might wish to target it. Successfully removing power from the opponent's initial Gateway in this manner should win you the game. Do not sacrifice your initial Zealot to merely damage the Pylon if they pull all their probes. Instead, stutter-step your Zealot against Probes and stall for your two backup Zealots, which will be able to take on his ~12 Probe 1 Zealot army. If possible, never let a Zealot die, and instead allow its shields to recharge; keeping your timing window in mind, you can and should attempt to not lose a single Zealot during the entire rush.
  • If you cannot outright destroy their army, your focus should be to cut their worker count and stall your opponent's mining while waiting for your Gateways to produce more units. Your window for successfully whittling down his Probe count is between your attack and their ranged defensive units/buildings being produced in large enough number to deflect your Zealots (e.g. Stalkers, Mothership Core, Queens, Cannons, Spine Crawlers etc.).
  • In a BoX situation vs. a Zerg player, this rush can be useful in the second game of the series having shown a Gateway-based opening in the first game of the series. This is as the Zerg player may respond to you not going for a FFE by opening Hatchery First, which this all-in can work well against.


Pro Features[edit]

  • 2 Spawn Locations: On a map with only two spawn locations, you will know exactly where the opponent is going to spawn. This allows you to proxy your Gateways close to the opponent's base, reducing the rush distance drastically. For instance: Cloud Kingdom, Daybreak and Ohana.
  • 4 Spawn Location Maps With Close Spawns Disabled: When close spawns are disabled, you know that the opponent has to spawn in one of the other two locations on the other side of the map to you. This allows you to proxy your Gateways in the middle of these two spawn locations, again reducing the rush distance drastically. For instance: Shakuras Plateau and Metalopolis.

Con Features[edit]

  • 4 Spawn Locations: If the map has 4 spawn locations and close spawns are not disabled then you have no way of knowing where the opponent is going to spawn before you have to place down your proxy Pylon. This maps this strategy is almost impossible to use as you're relying on a 1/3 chance of proxying the correct base. For instance, Tal'Darim Altar.

Replays and VODs[edit]

South Korea Protoss sOs Dreamhack IEM Season VIII - World Championship. sOs uses a proxy 2 Gate vs. herO.
South Korea Protoss herO
Date: 2014-03-16
Patch: 2.1.1 VOD
Sweden Protoss NaNiwa Dreamhack Stockholm 2013. NaNiwa uses a proxy 2 Gate vs. Jaedong.
South Korea Zerg Jaedong
Date: 2013-27-04
Patch: VOD