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2 Immortal 2 Collossus All-In (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h]ProtossThe 2-2-2
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Mid-Game All-In
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This guide includes two build orders. The first opens with Phoenixes to kill off scouting Overlords, thus preventing convenient Overseer scouting. These Phoenix also serve to pick off Drones that venture too far from Spore Crawlers, delaying the Zerg's production, and keeping him in the dark. Phoenix openers also tend to lull Zerg into a state of relaxed Droning, as these Protoss builds typically transition into a third base. The second the Overlords die, Protoss cuts right to the chase, pumping out Robotics units as quickly as possible for the earliest move-out timing. Another important difference between the two builds include Sentry and Force Field count, as the Stargate opener will have less gas available to invest in early Sentries, resulting in less energy in the final key fight.

The Builds[edit]

Basic Build Order[edit]

with Stargate
  • FFE Opening
  • ~5:40, 33/44: First 150 gas into a Stargate, 33/44 [1]
  • ~6:05, 38/44: Third and fourth gas [2]
  • ~7:05, 52/60: Robotics Facility
  • ~7:40, 57/60: +1 Weapons
  • ~8:10, 63/68: Support Bay [3]
  • ~8:35, 67/68: Add up to six gateways, for a total of 7
  • ~10:00: Mothership Core
  • ~11:30: Move out when the second Colossus completes.
  1. Units from the first gateway: Zealot, Stalker, Sentry, Sentry.
  2. Units from the Stargate: 4 phoenixes
  3. Cut Probes at 45, when you have full 2-base saturation. Units from the Robo: Immortal 2x, Colossus 2x. Start Thermal Lance with the first Colossus.
without Stargate
  • FFE opening [1]
  • ~5:40, 35/44: Robotics Facility[2]
  • ~6:05, 38/44: Third and fourth gas[3]
  • ~7:02, 50/60: Support Bay, then start the first Sentry [4]
  • ~8:10: Add the first set of 2 extra gates
  • ~8:25-8:40: Add up to six Gateways after starting the first Colossus and Thermal Lance
  • ~9:00: +1 Weapons
  • ~9:20: Mothership Core
  • ~9:50: Move out when the second Colossus completes.
  1. First 50 gas into Warpgate
  2. Units from the first gateway: Zealot, Stalker, Sentry, Sentry.
  3. Units from the Robo: Immortal 2x, Colossus 2x. Start Thermal Lance with the first Colossus.
  4. Cut Probes at 45, going up to full 2base saturation


  • Use your first Stalker to deny Overlord scouting.
  • Use your initial Gateway units to check for Zerglings at your third after clearing out Overlords. This means that Zerg must invest more in scouting to figure out whether or not you are are two basing.
  • Before moving out, warp in your Sentries first as gas allows. Zealots and Stalkers have the same utility no matter when they are warped in; only Sentries need time to gain energy.
  • Aim to have 8 Sentries by the time you engage.
  • If going for the Stargate opening, immediately use your Phoenixes to clear out Overlords and deny scouting rather than hiding them.


Much like a Sentry/Immortal All-In, the 2-2-2 excels in small chokes to maximize the utility of Force Fields and to minimize the size of the Zerg concave. With the Immortal Push, Sentries are used to section off small portions of the opponent's army, but when playing the 2-2-2 you should use Force Fields more aggressively, preventing the retreat of enemy units from your powerful Colossi. It is also important to note that you have to end the game even faster than with the Immortal all-in because Zerg can easily defend if he is able to get up to mass Roach/Corruptor as they'll win with sheer numbers regardless of how good your Force Fields are.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

Zergs generally want to use Hydralisks for safety because they transition more strongly into the mid game. Roaches are stronger against this push, but weaker against just about every other push, and also not as good to pressure a third base thanks to Void Rays and Photon Overcharge. Even if the Zerg scouts the Robotics Facility, they cannot assume that investing in Roaches is appropriate unless they know for sure that you are not taking a third base. So, while the Stargate opener hits later, the scouting information that it denies can make your push even stronger.

As with other PvZ all-ins, if Zerg scouts your quick Colossus tech, they can formulate a strong response. Pure Roach play, or circumventing the push entirely by using mass Mutalisks, have proven adequate answers thus far. Even though this build includes two Immortals, Roaches are stronger against it than they are against the Immortal/Sentry all-in because the Protoss won't have as many Sentries and so won't be able to divide up the Roach army as effectively. Because of this, large enough numbers of cheap Roaches are easily produced to deflect such a delayed push.

Replays & VODS[edit]

South Korea Protoss Flying In this game, Roro tries to respond to a fast, Stargate-less Colossus all-in with a pure Roach/Hydra/Ling force, trying to overwhelm the Protoss with sheer numbers. However, he doesn't engage perfectly and loses a few units unnecessarily, and eventually he is forced to GG as the Colossi remain untouchable. Timing hits at 10:30.
South Korea Zerg RorO
Date: 2013-05-07
Patch: 2.0.8 VOD
South Korea Protoss Squirtle This game shows the problem with getting Corruptors against this build, even the slower one off of a Stargate: Spire tech is so expensive that the Zerg sacrifices a huge chunk of his ground army, so he is unable to clean up the Stalker/Immortal force of Squirtle after taking down the two Colossi. Timing hits at 12:30.
South Korea Zerg ALBM
Date: 2013-05-01
Patch: 2.0.7 VOD
South Korea Protoss Classic Stargate variant of the build, and as a result Zero plays too greedy taking a fourth and over droning (making up to 72!), which forces him into a base trade as he can't fight the Protoss army straight up. From there, the game somehow normalizes. Timing hits at 12:00.
South Korea Zerg ZerO
Date: 2013-04-29
Patch: 2.0.7 VOD
United States Protoss hellokitty Robo variant, but only gets one Immortal and then an Observer whilst also adding a Warp Prism later on; HelloKitty is able to overwhelm a purely Hydra/Ling/Roach defense thanks to great Forcefields and Warp Prism micro. Timing hits at 11:00.
United States Zerg Suppy
Date: 2013-05-13
Patch: 2.0.8 VOD
South Korea Protoss Avenge Robo variant. Hydra is able to identify the build and correctly go for Roaches but Avenge wins by abusing Akilon's rocks. The Corruptors prove too big of an investment, and the Stalker/Immortal army eventually wins the fight on the ground. Timing hits at 11:30.
South Korea Zerg Hydra
Date: 2013-05-01
Patch: 2.0.7 VOD
South Korea Protoss Trap Stargate variant. The Phoenixes lead Sniper into being too greedy and while the Colossi get taken down by Corruptors, the ground Protoss army wins after a tight micro battle. Timing hits at 11:40.
South Korea Zerg Sniper
Date: 2013-05-01
Patch: 2.0.7 VOD
South Korea Protoss Super Robo variant. Curious overdrones immensely (up to 71!) and doesn't have enough Roach/Hydra/Ling for the fast version of the push. Timing hits at 10:40.
South Korea Zerg Curious
Date: 2013-05-11
Patch: 2.0.8 VOD
South Korea Protoss PartinG Robo variant with one Immortal. Soulkey is able to identify the push in time to go for Mutas and deal crippling damage whilst forcing a recall. Timing hits at 11:10 after being delayed by Speedlings.
South Korea Zerg Soulkey
Date: 2013-05-14
Patch: 2.0.8 VOD