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2 Marine Bunker Rush (vs. Zerg)

From Liquipedia StarCraft 2 Wiki

A build that feints the Two Rax Opening (vs. Zerg) off of one Barracks that is simple in execution but has very important early advantages. The first two Marines and an SCV or two are used to construct a Bunker, which will force the Zerg player to pull workers (if using a Hatchery First build). Following this the two Marines can delay mining and prevent any Spine Crawlers until Zerglings are out.

You can do this off of any build that does not delay the first two Marines, and knowing the scout timings for a Hatchery First build, Clever Bunker placement to shield the Marines from melee range is very useful as well.

The Bunker may delay the build order but is very disruptive and once the Bunker is cancelled or salvaged the Terran build can continue on as normal.