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2 Rax Bunker FE

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[e][h]Two Barrack, Bunker up, then Fast Expand
Strategy Information
TvP, TvT, TvZ


Opening with two Barracks to quickly fill as many bunkers as needed to wall-off the choke at the natural, obviously the Barracks can be part of the wall off and can be moved if in danger.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build


  • Simply rushing to protect the natural with turrets for detection if needed and patrolling the edges of the main for drops are all that is needed to not need to react the opposing army makes a tech choice and attacks, leaving the Terran to reach the desired two-base army composition.
  • It is good practice to build both Barracks on the main ramp entrance to make the opponent believe you are going to be aggressive making his/her opening more defensive and lowing tech slightly. Afterwards move the Barracks to the Bunker wall-off to completely block off the entrance.


  • [1] - Initial topic by Synystyr detailing the build in full, replays also provided