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2 Rax Marauder Pressure (vs. Zerg)

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The 2 Rax Marauder is a modification of the standard 2 Rax opening for Terran. The build is deployed as a counter to an early Roach opening or fast hydras. It allows for defense against most early aggression and an early expansion. After the opening the Terran player has multiple transitions into mid-to-late game.


To stay alive and possibly counter a Zerg who is going for a Roach Hydra opening.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Scouting and Adaptation[edit]

When your Supply Depot is done send the SCV used to build it to scout the opponents base, if you see a Spawning Pool and gas that is when you ultimately decide you are going for the 2 Rax Marauder build. Try to keep the scouting SCV alive to look for the Roach Warren. Once you see the Roach Warren early you know it is time to commit fully to this build. If possible make 1 Marine before the Tech Lab on the first Barracks and send it to a Xel'Naga Watch Tower to spot when Roaches are coming.

Vs. Zerg[edit]

If you successfully counter the Zerg they may attempt to go for mass speedlings which can cause large problems, at which point the proper thing to do would be to lift the Barracks and build reactors. Marines can counter Zerglings in large numbers.

Countered By[edit]

  • Speedling Rush
  • Fast Mutalisks
  • Baneling Bust


Once the Roaches have been successfully pushed back you can make any of the following transitions:

Vs. Zerg[edit]

  • 1 Thor Push
  • Marine Marauder Medivac
  • Marauder Push for the Win
  • Banshee Viking

Notable Maps[edit]


Pretty much all 2 player maps such as Blistering Sands


Some 4 player maps such as Kulas Ravine if you do not scout correctly


On a 4 player map the Marauder rush is still a viable build if you send your scouting SCV earlier than normal.