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2 Rax Opening

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[e][h]2 Rax Opening - Bunker Rush into Fast Expand
Strategy Information
Aggro, Rush, Cheese


An offensive rush off of two fast Barracks, this build is to abuse the commonly used fast expand builds in all match-ups. The attack should only last as long as it can do damage, this is a rush and loses power the longer the attack lasts because only two Barracks are producing. After the attack Factory or Starport tech is a must, the opponent will have adjusted to an anti-Marine strategy by then.

It should be noted that this build and all the others mentioned in Adaptions are weak to counter-attacks or pushes straight after you have finished the attack, hence why you will need to do considerable damage or keep the opponent busy with Bunkers to buy time.


Usually a 3 or 5 Marine push with 3-6 SCVs for tanking and Bunkers. Once the Bunkers are finished, do not reinforce, work up a strong economy for a transition.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Two Rax Opening
  • 10 - Supply Depot (1) + scout
  • 12 - Proxy Barracks (1), if the opponent was scouted right away
  • 14 - Barracks (2), in base
  • 15 - Orbital Command Upgrade
  • 15 - Marines, rally to 10 - scout
  • 16 - Supply Depot (2)
  • 19 - Offensive Bunkers (1 & 2)
  • 24 - Supply Depot (3)

Notes & Transitions[edit]

  • This attack should ideally come before the opponent can have Ranged units that can pick at building SCVs, if the opponent puts down defensive structures (like Spine Crawlers and Photon Cannons) then simply wait until you have a large number of units and run past.
  • The standard transition is to throw down one or two Command Centers and Bunker up until you can hit with Factory tech units, ideally having Stimpack finished for the second attack (for trading army for economy damage). But, you definitely want a strong mineral income to be able to power ahead of the opponent.


  • Bunker position: If the opponent has expanded, dump one Bunker in a corner where it is hard for workers and melee troops to hit. The second should take into account ranged units and be in range of the ramp.
    • If the opponent has not expanded, try to get a Bunker in range of one or more farms (Supply Depots or Pylons.


  • Three Rax Opening is sometimes used on longer distance maps with no proxy, and hits with 12 Marines, which most early anti-Marine defenses will have difficulty with, but does put Terran behind a fast expanding opponent.
  • FE into 4 Rax Poke, is sometimes used against greedy opponent's that straight tech to Colossus, Siege Tanks and other gas-heavy units, this attack hits just before crucial 2-base tech would finish.


  • Two player maps, where there is no need to scout for the opponent's position.
  • Rush distance will determine how far forward the Barracks should be placed and how much time the opponent has to react to the Marines pushing across if they are spotted.
  • Small closed naturals with not much room for Bunkers, may be better to just wall off part of it.