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2 Rax Pressure (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h]Terran2 Rax, Marauder (2), pressure into Bunker expand
Strategy Information
Pressure, Economic, One Gas, Fast Expand


On the ladder, this is a standard pressure build to deny a fast expand. The Marines, produced with a Reactor, provide the firepower and Marauders are there to counter Stalkers. This gives Terran map control until Warpgate finishes, at which point the Protoss will have too many units to be fought head-on without either Bunkers or Stimpack finished.

This build is designed to counter very fast expansion Protoss builds and is fairly simple to pull off, despite not being seen often at the highest levels of play.


Produce Marines for enough firepower to pressure your opponent. Support with Marauders if opposing units are armored or with Reapers if light. Researching Stimpack and Combat Shield first will not complete fast enough to help with this early pressure, so upgrading Concussive Shells or getting a fast Factory is generally favored.

Basic Build Order[edit]


  • When the Tech Lab starts add two more SCVs to the Refinery.
  • Start Command Center (2) around the time Marines (2) & (3) finish and do not start Marauders or the next Marine wave until after buying the CC.
  • @Marauder (2), stop making Marauders and make one Marine to get Stimpack started as soon as Concussive Shells finishes.


  • Marauder (1) does not finish in time for the normal 5:00ish Stalker poke, move to the low ground after Marauder (1) or (2) has finished.
  • Bring one or two SCVs and place Bunkers to force a worker pull, target Sentries and then Stalkers as those two units are the most expensive. Micro away from Zealots when they come too close.
  • Keep a Marine or two to spot for opposing army movement afterwards, have two Bunkers or more if the opposing player has not expanded.


The only notable adaptation is a one base all-in that skips Command Center (2) for fast Refinery (2) and Starport for SCV/Medivac tanking that cripples Protoss that fast tech to Colossus or High Templar while still trying to mass Probes on two bases.


  • Ground distance, for initial push and any reinforcements will determine the window time to pressure.
  • How open the natural expansion is will be an important factor for Sentry's Forcefield and Bunkers/Wall-offs.