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Team Information
Daniel "DenFrizer-" Abalikhin,
Alexandr "Sonix" Pavlucenko,
Stanislav "gL1de" Staskevich
Team Captain:
Pavel "Bee" Zhigarev
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
october 1998

3D!Clan is one of the best and oldest teams in Russia, having an active gaming division in StarCraft II, and also former teams in Warcraft III, DOTA2, Counter-Strike 1.6, FIFA and Point Blank.

3D!Clan was host to several famous StarCraft and StarCraft II players, including Androide, White-Ra, Strelok, Enemy, Pomi and Aristeo amongst others.

In Brood War, the clan accumulated 10 WCG National Final medls, four of which are gold, as well as 8 ASUS Cup medals, and, 4th place at the WCG 2004 Grand Finals and 2nd place finish at the WCG 2005 Grand Finals and WCG Samsung European Championship 2005.

The clan was founded in 1998 by three Moscow residents, Ilya "CrElias" Zagorbinin, Andrey "CaptainDRON" Ermolaev and Alexander "Skendel" Kovalev, under the name "Danger Destruction Death", abbreviated to '3D'.

The StarCraft II division was established during StarCraft II Beta in May 2010 and disbanded in February 2014, when 3D temporarely went down from the competitive eSports stage.

Under the guidance of the team managers, represented by DenFrizer- and Valon, the team returned to the eSports stage in 2017. They won several local leagues and announced themselves as one of the strongest organizations in Russian and CIS in just a few months.


In 1998, when Starcraft: Brood War was released, CrElias, CaptainDRON and Skendel formed a team named «Danger Destruction Death» which became just «3D».

  • January 21th, Unix rejoins 3D.
  • May 11st, 3D wins Russian SuperLeague: Spring Series event, organized by Alex007.
  • June 29th, 3D takes 3-4th place at Russian SuperLeague: Summer Series event, organized by Alex007.
  • July 31th, Vanya leaves 3D.
  • August 26th, GhostHell joins 3D.
  • June, Bee returning from inactive state and starts to compete under 3D tag.
  • October 19th, 3D returns to StarCraft II competitive scene with a 5-player roster featuring Bee, Couguar, Fatalimer, LightWeight, Vanya.
  • December 23th, 3D wins CIS Cup, organized by Alpha Team League.
  • February 17th, 3D.SC2 disbands.
  • 3D.Notforu wins WCG Russia 2007, but gives away his spot because of visa problem.
  • 3D.Androide placed 3rd at WCG Russia 2007
  • 3D.Notforu takes bronze on WCG Russia 2006, but can't go to the finals because of visa problems.
  • 3D.Escape goes to WCG finals in USA from fourth place in Russian qualification, taking the spot of 3D.Notforu.
  • 3D.Androide wins gold of WCG Russia 2006 and head for the finals.
  • 3D.Androide placed 2nd on WCG 2005 in Singapur and became first Russian player with a WCG medal in Starcraft: Brood War.
  • 3D.Escape and 3D.Topick divided fourth place on WCG 2005.
  • 3D placed 1st in Russian teams championship winning «Shock Squadron» in last game of the season.
  • 3D.Androide took 1st place on Russian WCG qualifiers.
  • 3D.Topick took 3rd place on WCG qualifiers in Ukraine
  • 3D.Temujin took 2nd place on Kazakhstan WCG qualifiers which giving a spot in WCG finals.
  • 3D.Androide took 3rd place on Russian WCG qualifiers which giving a spot in WCG finals.

Player Roster[edit]

Active Roster[edit]

ID Name 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
ruRussia z Bee () Pavel Zhigarev - - - - -
RuRussia p Couguar Vitaly Roshchin 25 - 32nd 2014 DreamHack Open: Moscow - - - -
KzKazakhstan p LightWeight Adlet Satybaldin - - - - -
UaUkraine z GhostHell Artem Kartoguzov - - - - -
RuRussia t Unix Alexander Solyakov - - - -

3D Academy Squad[edit]

Active Roster[edit]

ID Name 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
ruRussia t Garnath () Michail Kostukhin - - - - -
RuRussia z RusZerg Ilya Lyara - - - - -
UaUkraine p SlyCrab Alexey Zakharchuk - - - - -
RuRussia t RozenKran Denis Egorov - - - - -
ruRussia z Kildzhen Andrey Pahomov - - - - -
ruRussia z yoroshiku Alexey Privezentsev - - - - -
ruRussia z MasterYasha Yakov Moiseenko - - - - -
ruRussia t DeeDan Daniil Aulov - - - - -


ID Name New Team
UaUkraine t ZipperTheFly Yaroslav Voloshin Team Blacer
RuRussia z Vanya Ivan Chepurnov Team STARCOM
ruRussia p Fatalimer Konstantin Ermolaev
ruRussia z Casper Sergey Kozlov
RuRussia p CoolTea Denis Markov ECV eSports
RuRussia T Aristeo Anton Vasilyev Team Empire
UaUkraine P InHeartBeat Dmytro Antonenko Cascade
UaUkraine Z UkraineStar Igor Kobylansky NewRoSoft
UaUkraine Z fOreLinG Denis Malik Retirement
ruRussia p Affect Roman Sklenin
RuRussia Z Jimmymicro Dmitriy Melnikov
RuRussia P Strange Alexey Solyakov
RuRussia P Roll Sergey Moroz RuW
RuRussia P AtSky Georgy Baykov
RuRussia z Notforu Alexander Davydov
Returned to StarCraft 1
UAUkraine P HydraOrc Ruslan Denysyuk
RuRussia z Butters Vladimir Bychin
RuRussia T Noname Nikita Andreev RuW
uaUkraine T OutSide Roman Emelyanov

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result
2018-12-28 SuperLeague by Alex007. Champion of the year 3D Clan 7 : 3 OnDuckEsports
2017-12-18 CIS Cup 2 3D Clan 3 : 0 Template:Team/ReG GaminG
2018-12-16 ESL Autumn team league 3D Clan 4 : 2 Houkago Tea Team
2018-11-29 Koprulu League Season 10 3D Clan 1 : 4 Iron Chain
2018-10-13 SuperLeague by Alex007. Autumn series 3D Clan 5 : 2 OnDuckEsports
2018-10-13 WardiTV Team League Season 8 Open 3D Clan 4 : 1 Rise Esports
2018-02-04 Iron Chain invitational: Titans War 3D Clan 2 : 5 Cascade
2018-05-11 Russian SuperLeague 2018: Spring Series 3D Clan 5 : 4 Cascade
2018-06-11 Koprulu League Season 9 Division 1 3D Clan 4 : 3 ECV eSports
Date Event Result
2017-12-23 CIS Cup by Alpha SC2 Team League 3D Clan 4 : 3 Houkago Tea Team
Date Event Result
2012-01-20 sc2aLone Season 7 3D Clan 4 : 2 Cascade
2012-04-15 SC2CL Master Division: Season IV
3D Clan
2012-09-16 sc2aLone Season 2012 Season 3 3D Clan 3 : 4 NCM Clan
2012-11-25 sc2aLone Season 2012 Season 3
3D Clan
Date Event Result
2011-03-11 iP Team League Season 1 3D Clan 2 : 4 incredible Panic
2011-03-30 Vanguard Marsch 3D Clan 2 : 3 7x Team
2011-08-20 sc2aLone Season 4/5 3D Clan 1 : 4 Exilits Legion
2011-10-31 Vanguard Marsch 2 3D Clan 3 : 2 NCM Clan
2011-11-07 sc2aLone Season 6 3D Clan 4 : 0 7x Team


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