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3 Barracks (vs. Zerg)

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Strategy Information
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Fallen's 3 Rax and timing push is a push based around the +1 Weapons Upgrade for infantry and the Combat Shields upgrade. The push is designed to attack the Zerg opponent with a superior force and either win outright, or heavily contain the Zerg while you expand and transition into later tech. It begins with an Orbital Command Opening and is dependent on a completed wall to keep the early lings out of your base. The build is effective against many Zerg openings, particularly Roach Builds and Fast-Expands.

Basic Build Order[edit]

The Push[edit]

The push is a simple affair. Once you have both Weapons and Shields upgrades, you should lower your Depot and push out with your units from behind your wall. You should have about 35-40 units as the upgrades are complete. Simply attack the enemy as you would with any push.

Supporting the Push[edit]

It is key that you continue unit production and reinforce your Marine force. Set rally points to a safe spot near the Zerg and continue to rally in units. This is a supply and resource intensive build, so it's a good idea to have queued Depots during the heavy production in this build and have continuous MULEs mining. You can also upgrade Infantry Armor to help the push.


After the 3 rax push it is common to expand, upgrade Stimpacks, tech to Starports and start supporting your units with Medivacs. However, if your opponent defends the push but loses a large number of units, you are slightly behind and your position will depend on how well you defend your expansion from the Mutalisk harass. If the Zerg opts for Infestors with fungal growth, consider switching to Mech play, focusing on a mix of Thors, Hellions, and Siege Tanks. Alternatively you can continue to go Bio units after you reduce his Mutalisk count, utilizing Medivac drops and mobility, preventing your opponent from securing more expansions. In this case, opt for fast upgrades and a few Siege Tanks for support.

Countered By[edit]

Hard Counter[edit]

  • Baneling rush

If your strategy is scouted early, the Zerg opponent is likely to make up their army entirely of Zerglings and Banelings, which counter Marauders and Marines respectively. If the Terran player mismicroes his forces, the 3 rax strategy quickly becomes an expensive all-in. The loss of such a large force allows your opponent to safely transition to Lair tech and expand again.