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3 Gate Pressure (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h]Protoss3 Gate Pressure
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This build allows you to hit a very sharp nine Stalker timing-attack against opponents who open with a fast expansion.

The build allows for two different follow-ups — one with faster tech and one with a faster expansion — which allows you to be safe against any opposing cheeses or all-ins that you might scout or suspect.

Basic Build Order[edit]

3 Gate Pressure (vs. Protoss)
  1. Chrono Boost Probes once when this completed.
  2. Send the Probe that builds this to scout your natural expansion for Cannon rushes or proxied buildings. Send it back to your ramp in time to build your second Gateway on 19 supply.
  3. Send the Probe that builds this to scout around your third base location, and then send it to the proxy location that you're going to use for your third Gateway.
  4. Chrono Boost both Stalkers once so that you can use them to scout your side of the map as soon as possible. Once energy becomes available, use a single Chrono Boost on Warpgate Research.
  5. The decision here comes down to safety. Going for a Robotics Facility and a Shield Battery will help defend against Dark Templar rushes and Oracle harassment. However, if you feel sure that neither of these are happening, placing down an expansion first can net you an even larger economic advantage should your attack manage to cancel the opponent's expansion!


  • Your first two Stalkers should be used to scout areas of the map that your Probe couldn't scout when it was sent out to your proxy location.
  • If you went for the Robotics Facility and Shield Battery option, only place down your expansion once you're sure that continuing to warp-in offensively won't deal any additional damage. Because you're expanding slower, failure to deal damage with your attack will leave you economically behind.
  • If you went for the Nexus option, only restart Probe production once you're sure that continuing to warp-in offensively won't deal any additional damage. Because you're expanding faster, there is less onus on you to deal damage with your attack.
  • In either case, the standard transition is towards upgraded Blink Stalkers, which you can achieve by placing down a Twilight Council and a Forge after securing your expansion. After getting Blink, both Disruptor and Chargelot/Archon transitions are viable mid-game options.

Replays & VODs[edit]

South Korea Protoss Patience Patience using the build against a Robotics Facility opening from Gemini. Patience opts for the fast Nexus option.
United States Protoss Gemini
Date: 2020-11-22
Patch: Replay


Further Strategies[edit]