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3 Gate Void Ray All-In (vs. Terran)

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This strategy is for a previous expansion of the game.
[e][h]Protoss3 Gate Void Ray All-In
Strategy Information
Popularized by:
[[MC, Genius]]

This build opens with a fast, proxy Stargate so that Void Rays can be produced to harass a Terran's buildings, units and mineral line. The high-ground vision given by the Void Rays allows Stalkers to attack the Terran's wall-off (if they elected to make one), or to otherwise harass any buildings that are too close to cliff-edges. Although it is possible to transition into an expansion, this build is an all-in as it will put you behind if you do not do enough damage with your attack.


Harass with Void Rays to force Marine production and then pick them off with Stalkers by abusing cliff-edges.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build
  1. Chrono boost Probes three times when this finishes.
  2. Chrono boost the Stalker.
  3. Place this Pylon at a proxy location near the opponent's base.
  4. Place this by the proxy Pylon.
  5. Warpgate Research should finish in line with these Gateways.
  6. Chrono boost out this Void Ray.
  7. Place this in a proxy location closer to the opponent's ramp.


  • After the second Void Ray, the Protoss player should pause Void Ray production to save gas for further Stalker warp-in cycles.


This build has very little opportunity for deviation and that is part of why it is an all-in. If you scout signs of a 1/1/1 before you have committed to the build (which occurs when you place the Stargate), it can be a better choice to instead attempt a 1 Gate FE and move into the mid-game.


  • If the enemy has not expanded to their natural expansion, then use the Void Ray(s) to spot the enemy's high-ground and to hit the Terran where their base is weakest.
  • If the Terran player has decided to wall-off their main ramp, Void Rays and Stalkers can be used to destroy the wall from range before moving in with Zealots. This is a good strategy because Void Rays and Stalkers will often out-range the Terran's defensive units.
  • If the enemy's mineral line is close to a ledge (for instance, Metalopolis), then Void Rays can be used to safely kill the enemy's workers and to draw their units away from their ramp, which may allow you to attack up the ramp more easily.
  • If the enemy has a bunkered natural expansion, then you should use a low ground Pylon and the Void Ray's vision to warp Zealots into their main base. This will draw units away from their Bunkers, allowing you to go for a frontal attack with your remaining units and Void Rays. Alternatively, you can use Force Fields to prevent the Terran units defending their main base, allowing your Zealots and Void Rays to quickly kill a number of enemy workers/buildings.
  • Conserve units at all costs. When a unit has lost its shields, pull it back. This is especially true for Void Rays.


Pro Features[edit]

  • This build is best used on maps that have main bases with large cliff areas. This is because the Void Ray's high-ground vision can give a large selection of targets for low-ground Stalkers to hit.
  • Maps with items that can be used to charge up the Void Rays (Statues, Rocks, Neutral Depots, etc.) can help make this build hit harder, charging up the Void Ray before attacking is incredibly advantageous.

Con Features[edit]

  • Maps where the main bases do not have cliffs with accessible low ground near them.
  • Tal'Darim Altar is an especially bad map to use this build on as there is no ramp between the main-base and the natural expansion.

Replays and VODs[edit]

South Korea Protoss MC MC showcasing the build against BoxeR in the NASL.
South Korea Terran BoxeR
Date: 2011-07-08
Patch: 1.3.4 VOD

Further Strategies[edit]