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3 Rax Aggro (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h]FE into 3 Rax Aggro
Strategy Information
Opening Reaper Scouting, 3 Rax Aggro into Marauder (1) poke
Popularized by:


Opening with a fast Reaper for scouting and reacting, Terran can cut Vespene Gas from the build and quickly produce Barracks (2 & 3) for a mass Marine, (& a few) Marauders attack before the Factory is started.

Bomber made this attack timing popular, after Reaper openings became standard, and Polt heavily used it to counter Stalker/Blink all-ins by countering with a fair amount of army to counter-attack the opposing worker lines that should wreck the build up of Stalkers before they reach critical mass.

Choose the attack timing carefully as moving out with the army against an Oracle means massive damage and so does losing Terran's army by mistake against a Blink Stalker all-in can make it easy for Stalker numbers to snowball out of control.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Early 3 Rax Aggro


  • Concussive Shells is only needed to catch a few free Stalkers wondering around the Xel'naga Towers and is not a timing attack or anything, Terran will just get lucky occasionally doing this.
    • Stimpack first is consider much more useful for the stronger follow-up attack.


  • Marauder (1) is used for stopping Stalker kiting as Terran's army moves across the map, keep the Marauder in front to tank, making any Stalker micro pointless.
  • If a Stargate is scouted, at any point, cut Marines to build an Engineering Bay immediately and move out with the first Marauder.
  • Retreat once Protoss uses Photon Overcharge after Marauder (1) poke, and attack again once it runs out or when Stimpack finishes, if researched before Concussive Shells.


  • Polt vs Blink Stalker
    • In the mentioned tournament, Polt was the only Terran to make it to the Grand Finals. Meanwhile, all the rest of the Terran were simply unprepared for the shear amount of Protoss taking advantage of the Blink/Stalker favored map pool.