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3 Rax Stim (vs. Terran)

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[e][h]Terran3 Rax Stim (vs. Terran)
Strategy Information
TvT, TvZ, TvP


Using the early economic advantage Terran's have on one base to mass a Marine and Marauder army with early Stimpack. This build is also used for Terran army benchmarking on one base to compare to other builds.


To mass enough Marines and Marauders to either outright kill or severely cripple an opponent who does not react properly, and deal excessive damage if they do.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Combat Shield +1 Attack Mod by Fallen[edit]


  • Using a Bunker for Wall-off instead of Barracks is recommended to hide Barracks tech from the opponent and keep them in the dark.
  • This is not an all-in build! After about 50 supply, when the attack has begun, Supply Depots no longer has a very high mineral consumption, in time you will be able to expand while building troops continually.


  • Protoss: Amount of Chrono-boost saved and where they are spending it. If the Protoss player masses enough Sentries then you will have to expand and contain the opponent to one base until the second Command Center completes.
  • Zerg: Scout for Zergling numbers as enough of them will be able to severely damage a push if the opponent catches you in mid-field, denying the opponent scouting with a forward troop to kill scouts
  • Terran: Factory timing to determine Siege Tank numbers. This push will hit before more than one Siege Tank can be built (before 7:30) let alone Siege Mode, so even if the opponent has Bunkers guarding the ramp; you will have to chance it and attack while the opponent's build is still maturing.


  • The moment Stim finishes the attack timing, and a very important one as most builds nowadays will not have enough army or finished tech they need.
  • Keeping Marines alive is priority number one, they are the high damage/low health unit and Marauders are high health and armor/low damage; use the units accordingly.
  • Bring SCVs to help attack will help initially with the first wave of troops but will make it impossible to transition out of this build easily.
  • Bunker contains are another option if the opponent is able to defend the attack, even just leaving 1 or 2 Bunkers with a Marine in each can fool the opponent into massing an army before trying to break the contain.


  • Only one adaption is reasonable with the lack of early gas, fast tech to Medivacs to support the army, and after a while adding some Thors to the army to tank damage will make it reasonable to add more Barracks and try for another timing attack.
  • Double Engineering Bay, will require a large amount of gas with Medivac as well, but is worth it, and would still be considered early if started before the 10:00 mark.
  • Once you second Command Center lands start all three other Refineries to allow for fast teching to Medivacs and double Infantry-Ups.


As an early attack this build is favored by maps with short rush distances and wide ramps like Steppes of War or Scrap Station. Multiple entrances to the enemy's main base or expansion are also a bonus.