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3 Stalker Rush (vs. Protoss)

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This strategy is for a previous expansion of the game.
[e][h]ProtossKorean 3 Stalker Rush into Robo (vs. Protoss)
Strategy Information


Opening with three Stalkers to hunt for proxies and repel early pressure into a fast Immortal for defense against the opponent trying to overwhelm with more Stalkers. Both these, an Observer and fast Warpgate research make for secure opening against Protoss.

Current 2 or 3 Gate Robo builds are defeated easily by well executed 4 Gate builds. In order to get a Robo up, get Immortals out, and be safe from a well executed 4 Gate, the opponent's 4 gate must be delayed somehow. This build utilizes a fast 3 Stalkers to deny proxy Pylons in order to buy enough time to get a force out capable of defending a 4 Warpgate Rush.

During the GSL team league, there were some particularly interesting PvP games. One of the most interesting however was a match between IMYongHwa and ZeNEXFFMon. FFMon did a 3 Gateway Blink Stalker build, whilst IMYongHwa did an unusual 3 Gate Robo build.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build
  1. In order to get this Stalker out in time you have to have exactly 24/26 supply. It is crucial not to create an extra probe and supply block yourself for getting this Stalker out.


  • Your Sentry should finish just as Warpgate tech finishes, and your robo should finish shortly thereafter. Morph both Gateways into Warpgates, and warp in two Zealots. Ideally you'll be at the top of your ramp with three Stalkers two Zealots and a Sentry, with a double Chrono Boost Immortal about to be built, The third Gateway should also be finished now.


3 Stalkers[edit]

In order for this build to work you have to be able to be very active with your first three Stalkers. These Stalkers are what are going to keep a player alive against a good 4 Warpgate Rush. Use them to kill off the Zealot, Stalker, and Probe (if you can) and then snipe the proxy Pylon. The goal in using these three Stalkers is to force the opponent to proxy their warpin Pylon as far away as possible. With good micro it is entirely possible to kill off their Stalker, Zealot, and Probe then return to one's base. To hold off the rush, the player must force the proxy Pylon a good distance away from the player's ramp.

Scouting the opponent Protoss base early game should not be easy because of a Stalker/Sentry after the Cybernetics Core. However, around 21 food you should send in a probe to see what he is doing for 2 reasons: 1) If your opponent is going Zealot heavy, you will notice quickly, and 2) It is easy to get supply blocked at 25/26 while making the 3rd Stalker, by sacrificing your probe, you bring the supply down to 24/26 and you can get the 3rd Stalker without supply blocking yourself.

When scouting the middle of the map, should the opponent's Zealot and two Stalkers be encountered, an engagement can occur and be won with proper micro. Simply avoid the Zealot and target fire the opponent's Stalkers. After both Stalkers are neutralized, kite the Zealot and take it out. This already puts the player at a lead of 350 minerals and 100 gas more than enough for an expansion.


Defending the 4 Warpgate Attack[edit]

Assuming everything has been off decently (instead of perfectly; perfectly would mean no proxy Pylon at all), the end result should be 2-3 Stalkers, a Sentry, 2 Zealots, with an Immortal almost completed just as the enemy runs up the ramp with about 5 Stalkers that warped in from a far away proxy Pylon. Use a force field to split their army in half. When doing this make sure to get a good chunk of their army above the ramp so it is killable, but do not let too much up.


The beauty of this build is the ability to react to the opponent in the event that they do not show a ton of aggression. Perhaps they are also teching. Once the Robotics Facility completes, chrono out an Observer and send it to the opponent's base! This is precisely what YongHwa did in his PvP match during the first GSL Team League against FFMon. The ideal reaction to every scenario the opposing Protoss can force you into is unexplored, although a very good reaction to 3 Gate Blink Stalkers can be seen in the VOD linked at the top of this post. This section will be updated as time passes and people figure out what to do from where depending on scouting info gathered.


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