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5 Gate Sentry All-In (vs. Zerg)

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This strategy is for a previous expansion of the game.
[e][h]Protoss5 Gate Sentry All-In
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If you open with what looks like a 3 Gate Sentry Expand then the opponent will assume an expansion. Instead of expanding, hide two additional Gateways and use the excess minerals from only building Sentries to hit a fierce five Gateway timing with lots of Zealots.


In order for this build to be effective you must at least kill off the opponent's natural expansion, if not end the game entirely.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build
  1. Use 3 Chrono Boosts on Probes when this finishes.
  2. Place this where you're going to hide your 2 additional Gateways.
  3. Use 4 chrono boosts on Warpgate Research.
  4. Place two near the ramp, hide two elsewhere.
  5. Place this at the bottom of your ramp, as if doing a 3 Gate Sentry Expand.
  6. Proxy. Try to keep this hidden for as long as possible.


  • If the Zerg is being extra safe and their defense seems like it may be too much, immediately retreat, plant a Nexus and begin to research Hallucination. Restart Probe production (dump all Chronoboosts into Probes) and warp in only Stalkers and Zealots from 2/3 Gateways whilst playing defensively.
  • When Hallucination research finishes, Hallucinate a Phoenix and scout the Zerg as soon as possible when research is finished. You will decide on your tech-route-based on what you scout. If you scout Roaches then get a Robotics Facility for Immortals and eventual Colossi. If you scout Mutalisks, get a Twilight Council for Blink and eventual High Templar.


  • In most games, the opponent will open 15 Pool, 16 Hatch. Therefore, if you see a Spawning Pool go down before gas is taken, use your scouting Probe to delay an expansion being placed down for as long as possible.
  • If they go gas first then they are probably opening with Speedlings. This opening is usually 14 Gas, 14 Pool, but other variations exist. Although Speedlings are the more likely possibility, keep checking their main base for signs of a Roach/Ling or Baneling all-in (the most obvious signs are obviously a Roach Warren or Baneling Nest, but more than 100 gas being mined from the Extractor generally indicates an all-in). As you're making a large number of Sentries, you should be able to hold any attempts to bust your main ramp easily before counter-attacking off 5 Warpgates for an easy win.


When attacking the natural of the Zerg, make sure that you do not let your Sentries get surrounded by Zerglings. If possible, use Force Fields to keep everything off your Sentries whilst keeping them in range of enemy units. Once you're in their natural expansion, use repeated Force Fields to block off the ramp so that they cannot reinforce. Killing the Queen at the natural as will also limit the number of reinforcements that the Zerg can produce. Finally, if the opponent is relying too heavily on Spine Crawlers at their natural, you can try a run-by into their main base instead of engaging at the natural expansion; placing a Pylon in a position where you can use it to warp into their main base can be beneficial if you plan on doing this.


Pro Features[edit]

  • Short rush distances.
  • Small natural expansion.
  • Only one tower to control in order to deny vision.

Con Features[edit]

  • Large rush distances.
  • Several towers to control.
  • Main ramp cannot be force fielded (Tal'Darim Altar).

Replays and VODs[edit]

France Zerg Stephano KiWiKaKi using the strategy against Stephano. KiWiKaKi shows how Force Fields can be used to force your way into the opponent's main base should they opt to defend at their natural with Spine Crawlers.
Canada Protoss KiWiKaKi
Date: 2011-09-11
Patch: 1.3.6 VOD