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5 Rines 1 Reaper Rush (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h]Terran5 Rines 1 Reaper rush
Strategy Information
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A short but sweet Reaper-based pressure build that can put heavy stress on a Protoss while being versatile enough to allow an expand after 2 Raxes.


The goal is to put the Protoss under fast pressure, possibly inflicting economic damage, while quickly expanding.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build
  • Orbital Command Opening
  • Stay on 1 Refinery
  • 1 Marine
    • Add Reactor
      • 4 Marines upon completion
  • Barracks (2)
    • Tech Lab upon completion
      • Reaper upon completion
      • Research Stimpack
      • Queue Marauder
  • Move out with 5 Rines + 1 Reaper
    • Reinforce with Marines and Marauders


  • You can build the second Supply Depot with the SCV finishing the second Rax.
  • As you start out early on with producing from a Reactor, keep an eye on your Supply Depot production.
  • Gas steal optional. If the Protoss allows it you can cut an SCV for this and he'll have less Sentries when you engage.



Move out as soon as you have 5 Marines, your first Reaper should be close behind. Engage with this army, 1 Marauder and 2 more Marines should be on the way. Reaper control is key during the engagement - it has a number of roles to fill:

  • Vision: Hop the Reaper into the main to 1) see their army composition and 2) provide vision for your engaging Marines. See whether he has a Sentry or pure Stalker/Zealot.
  • Sentries: If the Protoss has a Sentry out focus fire first. The Reaper deals a good amount of damage to this Light unit (needs 5 shots) and killing it will leave the Protoss without Guardian Shield/Force Field.
  • Worker Harass: When there are no more Sentries, run the Reaper to his mineral line. If you can split his forces to deal with it, your Marines coming up the ramp will have an easier time taking out what forces he has left.

Work towards the Mineral line with your Marine/Marauder, taking out quickly any Protoss forces while trying to keep your Reaper alive. Stim should be done around the time your second Marauder arrives. Run your Reaper away when under attack (direction should be not towards your forces) and attack Probes with it when it's not. Good multitasking will make this build and first engagement all the more effective.


Much of the adaptation lies in the attack's execution. As it happens so early in the game only Gateway units will, normally, be out. Versus a super fast Robo or Stargate you can still go for the Probes and kill a decent amount of them while preparing defences at home. If you successfully put some pressure on, this build will allow you to either add raxes and keep on the pressure or expand. Defend an expansion with Bunkers as needed and keep adding raxes or Tech to Medivacs.


Since the Reaper is such a linchpin in this attack, the map needs to be good for it. If the main entrance is good for a Reaper engagement the build will greatly benefit from it.