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6 Pool (vs. Protoss)

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This strategy has been validated to work for patch 1.5.3 .
[e][h]Zerg6 Pool
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This build is without doubt, the most popular cheese in StarCraft 2. However, executing a 6 Pool at the highest levels of play is not as easy as it seems.


With this build, the Zerg will try to build a Spawning Pool as fast as possible to attack the opponent with Zerglings, aiming to end the game quickly. As this build is not dependent on scouting the opponent, the opening is always the same.

Basic Build Order[edit]

6 Pool
  • 6 - Spawning Pool[1]
  • 5 - Drone
  • @ 1:05 Send your first Drone to scout the closest spawn. If you do not see your opponent's Probe when you are about halfway to his or her base, go for the cross-spawn.[2]
  • @ 100% Spawning Pool - Three pairs of Zerglings
  • @ Next Larva - One pair of Zerglings and make an Extractor right before the next larva spawns
  • @ Next Larva (2) - One pair of Zerglings
  • @ Next Larva (3) - One pair of Zerglings and cancel the Extractor
  • 11 - Overlord
  • 11 - Continue to build Zerglings
  1. Aim for 37 seconds.
  2. You cannot do this on a rotational symmetric map (e.g. Tal'Darim Altar).


A few techniques are useful for the execution of this build:

  • Stacking Workers: Only mining from the closest mineral patches. As the Zerg is only mining with six Drones, this is very important.
  • Hold-Position Micro:
    • Defensive: When fighting with Drones, the Zerg should not try to run away with the damaged ones. Instead, they should hit the "Hold Position" button to lower their threat level (thus causing the enemy to disengage them), wait one or two seconds, and then engage again.
    • Offensive: If the Zerg is trying to attack a unit or a building that is surrounded by their opponent's Probes on "hold position," the Zerg should wait until they have surrounded the opponent's workers and then "hold position" their own units.
  • Building Blocking: If the opponent is trying to close their wall, the Zerg should put a unit in the area where the opponent is trying to place their buildings to prevent entry.
  • Mineral Walking: Right-clicking on a mineral patch will make workers ignore collisions with everything except buildings.

Versus an FFE[edit]

  • In some rare situations, the Protoss will not have scouted yet, and the Zerg can be 100% sure there will be no Pylon ready in their mineral line. In this case, the Zerg should immediately focus the Forge down with their Zerglings.
  • If the opponent has scouted the Zerg, they will most likely build a Photon Cannon in their mineral line. The Zerg should try to kill some Probes before it completes if they have the opportunity. While doing this, the Zerg should take note to not lose any Zerglings. In the meantime, the Zerg should continue to produce Zerglings, but hide them. The Zerg should only engage the Protoss when they think their Zerglings can handle all of the Protoss' defences.
  • If the opponent scouts this build and the choke to their main base is narrow, the Zerg must prevent their opponent from wall-ing themselves in: to do this, the Zerg should block the construction of a building with a Drone.

Versus a Gateway Expand[edit]

  • Most of the time, the opponent will wall him/herself in using a second Gateway when this build is scouted. The Zerg should focus down the finished Gateway in response until it has as much health remaining as the one that is building. Then, the Zerg should distribute their forces and start attacking the building Gateway at the same time. This way, both Gateways will be destroyed at the same moment. As soon as this happens, the Zerg must rush in and engage.
  • The opponent may also try to wall-in with a Zealot. In this case, the Zerg should wait for their reinforcements and even bring their Drones. From there, the Zerg can mineral walk with their Drones to surround the Zealot and engage the Probes with their Zerglings.

Replays & VODs[edit]

Zerg FameToFlame
Canada Protoss HuK
Date: 2011-10-16
Patch: 1.4.3 Replay
Zerg FameToFlame
South Korea Protoss HerO
Date: 2011-10-12
Patch: 1.4.3 Replay
Zerg FameToFlame
Canada Protoss Gatored
Date: 2011-09-22
Patch: 1.4.3 Replay
Zerg FameToFlame
Canada Protoss desRow
Date: 2011-10-12
Patch: 1.4.3 Replay