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6 Pool (vs. Terran)

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This article might be outdated, please verify if it's still valid. It was last validated to work for patch 1.5.2.
[e][h]Zerg6 Pool
Strategy Information
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This build is without any doubt the most well-known cheese of Starcraft 2, but executing it at the highest level of play is not as intuitive as it seems. This guide will help you get the most of this build, and will explain the specificity of playing a 6 Pool versus a Terran opponent. A few techniques are pre-requisites for this cheese:

  • Doubling your mineral line: Only mine from close mineral patches! As you are only mining from six Drones, this is very important.
  • Hold-Position Micro:
    • Defensive: When fighting with your drones, do not try to run away with the damaged ones. Instead, hit the "Hold Position" button to lower the threat level, and one or two second after engage again.
    • Offensive: If you are trying to attack a unit or a building that is surrounded by your opponent's Drones/SCVs/Probes on Hold Position, wait until you have a surround on the gatherers and Hold Position yourself: if you are close enough, you will start doing damage rather than just running in circle.
  • Building Blocking: Just run in circle where your opponent will try to complete the wall. If you are attacked too often, just move away slightly and go back in position as soon as your opponent gets ready to close the wall.
  • Mineral Walking: Left-clicking on a Mineral patch will make your Drones ignore collisions with everything except buildings.


The goal of this build is to end the game extremely early, usually before 5 minutes. In order to do so, you will use six Zerglings and pull all your Drones to attack your opponent before he or she can complete their first Barracks. This build is 100% all-in: either you will win right away, or you will fail to kill your opponent and might as well leave the game immediately.

Basic Build Order[edit]

6 Pool
  • 6 - Spawning Pool [1]
  • 5 - Drone
  • 6 - Drone
  • @ 1:30 Send your first Drone to scout the closest spawn
  • @ 100 Minerals - Send your second Drone to the same direction
  • @ 125 Minerals - Send all your workers toward your opponent's base
  • @ 100% Spawning Pool - Three pairs of Zerglings, send to opponent's base
  1. Aim for 37 seconds.


Getting in the base[edit]

  • Harass the SCV building the Barracks with your first scouting Drone. Your opponent will usually send one or two more SCVs to defend, which is fine: they will be the first victims of your attack
  • Make sure the Terran is not able to close the ramp (i.e. build a second Supply Depot)!
    • If your opponent manages to do it, make sure to attack the SCVs building it as early as possible to deny the construction.
    • Most of the time, only two Zerglings will attack the Supply Depot. By microing your units properly, you should be able to get three Zerglings in position to attack the Depot, in which case you are guaranteed to break into your opponent's base.
  • If you are facing a 11/11 Barracks Build, your opponent may have won the game, but you can try the following:
    • Attack the SCVs building the Barracks with your scouting Drone.
    • As soon as your opponent lowers the Supply Depot to bring SCVs to help, Mineral walk all your Drones over the Supply Depot to prevent the Terran from lifting it.

Fighting inside the base (the Barracks finished)[edit]

You have basically four possible scenarios:

  • He or she is using the SCVs to fight you, not waiting for the Marine: Kill the workers with ease and snipe the Marine once it pops out of the Barracks.
  • He or she is not using the SCVs to fight you: Kill the Barracks, then the SCVs.
  • He or she is waiting on his or her ramp, waiting for the Marine to pops out: Mineral walk your Drones to circle the Marine, and attack with your Zerglings
  • He or she is building a Bunker near the Command Center: Keep focusing the Barracks, and when the Marine is almost done, put your units in position to intercept it. Do not try to deny the Bunker construction: you must block the Marine and you will be fine.

Fighting inside the base (the Barracks could not finish)[edit]

  • Kill the Barracks first !
  • Engage the SCVs and win.

Replays & VODs[edit]


Zerg sTaGaming
Terran TLO
Date: 2011-08-07
Patch: 1.4.3 Replay
Zerg sTaGaming
Spain Terran LucifroN
Date: 2011-06-26
Patch: 1.4.3 Replay