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8 Pool

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To read about 8 Pool versus Protoss, see 8 Pool (vs. Protoss).


A Zerg Strategy which can be compared to a 9 Pool in StarCraft: Brood War. The goal of the strategy is much the same as a 6 pool but it is a bit safer and not as much of an all-in build. The build sacrifices an early economic opening (such as a Hatchery first build) for massed Zerglings and does not excel versus defensive or tech-heavy builds.


The goal of this build is to overwhelm a macro-heavy/greedy build such a Protoss' FFF with a critical mass of Zerglings. An early economic lead is sacrificed for a Spawning Pool at 8 supply and mass production of Zerglings.

Build Order:[edit]

  • Send Overlord to closest base to scout as soon as possible.
  • 6/10 Drone
  • 7/10 Drone
  • 8/10 Spawning Pool
  • 7/10 Drone
  • 8/10 Drone
  • 9/10 Overlord
  • 9/10 Extractor (when to get the Extractor is still debatable and not necessarily needed if going without Metabolic Boost)
  • 9/10 Send Drone scout to furthest base to scout.
  • 15/16 Queen (send after 8+ Zerglings)
  • When Overlord completes, build 3 sets of Zerglings. When Extractor completes put 3 workers on gas.
  • Keep making Zerglings with available larvae. Make a Queen at 15 supply.
  • Start taking workers off gas one by one as they return at 88 (92, 96, 100).
  • Upgrade Metabolic Boost as soon as possible.


When having a Drone scout in the opponent's base ZvZ, a proxy Spine Crawler can be incorporated to punish opposing builds where your Zerglings arrive before the defending Zergling's hatch.[1]


Pro features[edit]

Maps with open naturals and short rush distances are optimal for this build. Zerglings must be able to reach bases before wall-ins and heavy T1 compositions arrive.

Con features[edit]

Large maps or those with well-defended naturals are not optimal for this build. Large rush distances and choked-off bases will prevent favorable encounters for this build.