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ALT Starcraft

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[e][h]All League Tournament StarCraft
Company Information


All League Tournament Starcraft or ALT StarCraft is a start-up tournament league founded by John "Knack" Hart sometime in 2011. Aspiring for a family oriented league which was inclusive of all players of all leagues and walks of life, Hart founded ALT. A rapidly growing community, ALT is looking to be one of the most promising leagues to hit the Starcraft II scene in quite some time. Following its mantra: "Why ALT-tab when you can ALT Starcraft?" ALT certainly has something unique going for it.

Game Roster[edit]

Presently the only game on the tournament roster is StarCraft II. Weekly tournaments are held via CSN and the weekly schedule can be found in the Team Liquid thread. The weekly qualifiers grant the winner an invite code to the now bi-monthly AGL Tournaments featuring a $500 prize pool spread among the top 4 players.



  • November 1 - ALT StarCraft founded in Texas by John "Knack" Hart


  • April 30 - ALT StarCraft acquires EverFrag's division of StarCraft II taking on all its players and managers.
  • June 1 - ALT announces its new tournament format: A bi-monthly, $500 prize pool,64-player double-elimination tournament for which players can be personally invited or qualify through open tournaments three times a week.
  • June 6 - First ever ALT StarCraft: The Gauntlet featuring CatZ.
  • June 8 - Andrew "Reboot" Miles joins and becomes a content writer.
  • July 4 - Tyler "DuH" Sheehan is announced B Team Manager.
  • July 16 - ALT StarCraft announces partnership with CSN.


ID Name Position Twitter
United States AEGIS Robert Sullivan Caster/Admin @altAEGIS
United States Bowsan Mario Daaboul Caster/Observer @AltBowsan
United States CabelD Collins Davis Graphic Designer @CabeldTV
Canada DuH Tyler Sheehan B Team Manager @AltDuH
Canada Freedom Steven Rush Team Managing Director @FreedomSC2
United States Frieza Scott Rosenbaum Caster @FriezaStarCraft
United States GoKu Michael Colella Caster
United States Knack John Hart Founder/Admin/Caster
Canada NGeX Lisa Corker Caster
United States MasterOdin Matthew Peveler Website Developer
United States Reboot Andrew Miles Scout & Content Writer

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