ASL Bacon Infinity Weekly Cup

[e][h]ASL-Bacon Infinity Weekly Cup
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1v1 Single-elimination
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ASL-Bacon Infinity Weekly is an online tournament series run by ASL and Bacon Infinity, and broadcasted on ASL Twitch and Bacon Infinity Twitch. This event is community funded and can be supported at ASL Patreon and Bacon Infinity Patreon.

The series was initially hosted on NA and EU servers, alternating every week, then became stable on Americas servers.
Starting with Week #4 the series is played on Legacy of the Void and OSC Points are awarded to the top 16 players.


  • Single-elimination bracket.
  • Best-of-three up until Finals
  • Best-of-five Finals

Prize Pool[edit]

Weeklies #1 - #13:

Place Prize (CAD)
1st $75
2nd $25
Total $100

Weeklies #14 on:

Place Prize (CAD)
1st $50
2nd $20
Total $70


Converted USD prizes are based on the currency exchange rate (taken from Google Finance) on tournament dates at the end of the day.


Cup Date Winner Score Loser Prize ($ USD) Prize ($  CAD)Server Semifinalists
1Cup 1 2015-09-22 South Korea  Arthur3 : 2Ukraine  Bly$75.33$100NAUSA  Seigifried, Germany  Fiasco
2Cup 2 2015-09-29 South Korea  Hydra2 : 0South Korea  Apocalypse$74.51$100EUSweden  MagicRover, Ukraine  Bly
3Cup 3 2015-10-06 Russia  CoolTea2 : 0Russia  SpellSinger$76.65$100NAPoland  Guru, South Korea  KeeN
4Cup 4 2015-10-15 USA  puCK2 : 1South Korea  TOP$77.79$100BetaRomania  NightEnD, South Korea  Gamja
5Cup 5 2015-10-22 South Korea  Reality3 : 0Australia  iaguz$76.29$100BetaUSA  puCK, Poland  Tefel
6Cup 6 2015-10-29 South Korea  ByuN3 : 0Poland  Elazer$75.99$100BetaSouth Korea  TOP, South Korea  KeeN
7Cup 7 2015-11-19 South Korea  ByuN3 : 1South Korea  HyuN$75.21$100NASouth Korea  TOP, Poland  Nerchio
8Cup 8 2015-12-03 Poland  Nerchio3 : 1South Korea  ByuN$74.92$100AmericasCanada  HuK, South Korea  KeeN
9Cup 9 2015-12-10 Poland  Nerchio3 : 0Ukraine  Bly$73.35$100AmericasSouth Korea  Apocalypse, South Korea  HyuN
10Cup 10 2015-12-17 Ukraine  Bly2 : 1South Korea  Symbol$71.80$100AmericasAustralia  NaMeK, USA  puCK


Cup Date Winner Score Loser Prize ($ USD) Prize ($  CAD)Server Semifinalists
11Cup 11 2016-01-14 Poland  Nerchio3 : 2South Korea  Symbol$69.71$100AmericasUkraine  Bly, Canada  Bioice
12Cup 12 2016-01-21 Canada  NoRegreT3 : 0Romania  NightEnD$70.07$100AmericasUnited Kingdom  TeebuL, South Korea  EJK
13Cup 13 2016-01-28 South Korea  Hydra3 : 0Poland  Nerchio$71.24$100AmericasPoland  Guru, Switzerland  PengWin
14Cup 14 2016-02-11 South Korea  Hydra3 : 1Ukraine  Bly$50.30$70AmericasPoland  Guru, Denmark  Lillekanin
15Cup 15 2016-02-18 South Korea  Hydra3 : 0South Korea  Apocalypse$50.96$70AmericasUkraine  Bly, Serbia  Beastyqt
16Cup 16 2016-02-25 South Korea  Hydra3 : 2Mexico  Cham$51.69$70AmericasSouth Korea  TANGTANG, Romania  NightEnD
18Cup 18 2016-03-10 South Korea  Apocalypse3 : 1Ukraine  Bly$52.48$70Americas Null, Poland  Tefel
19Cup 19 2016-03-17 South Korea  Apocalypse3 : 0South Korea  Symbol$53.90$70AmericasFrance  Abbadon, Serbia  Beastyqt
20Cup 20 2016-03-24 Serbia  Beastyqt3 : 2Poland  Guru$52.99$70AmericasSwitzerland  PengWin, Mexico  Cham

Medals won per Race[edit]

Race Total
Terran 6 5 12 23
Protoss 3 2 10 15
Zerg 10 12 16 38

Finale Championship[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

Place Prize (CAD) OSC points
1st $125 130
2nd $75 80
3rd/4th $25 40
5th-8th - 10
Total $250 330


Brackets were formed based on Seed Numbers Here!
The Final Playoffs were never played.

Quarterfinals (Bo5)
 South Korea Hydra
 Romania NightEnD
 South Korea Apocalypse
 South Korea ByuN
 Ukraine Bly
 South Korea Symbol
 Poland Nerchio
Semifinals (Bo5)
 South Korea 
Finals (Bo7)

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