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Absolute Legends is a multigaming team which acquired eSahara on March 22, 2012.[1] They have a very successful League of Legends team as well as one of the top Dota 2 teams.


  • March 22, Absolute Legends acquires eSahara, hence setting up its StarCraft II section.[1]
  • On June 4, Absolute Legends announced they would not be renewing Maka and Satiini's contracts.[3]
  • June 18, HongUn leaves the team.[4]
  • June, BabyKnight's contract with Absolute Legends ends.[5]
  • July 9, the manager Kevin "illu" Vandini leaves Absolute Legends, citing disagreement with the team's head management over the management practices.[6]
  • July 11, MaddeLisk leaves the team, while Naama, DeathAngel and BabyKnight's contracts are renewed.[7]
  • July 15, FXOpen e-Sports signs BabyKnight.[8] Naama announces his departure from the team as well.[9]
  • October 20, DeathAngel and Absolute Legends part ways, but the latter announces that new players will be picked in the future.[10]
  • December 12, Absolute Legends re-opens its Starcraft II division with Krr.[11]

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name New Team
ltLithuania p Krr Kristijonas Barisas Alien Invasion
roRomania z DeathAngel Andrei Nodea Team oGaming
dkDenmark p BabyKnight Jon Andersen FXOpen e-Sports
fiFinland t Naama Santeri Lahtinen Fnatic
krSouth Korea p HongUn Ahn Hong Wook Retired
seSweden z MaddeLisk Madeleine Leander Quantic Gaming
krSouth Korea t Maka Kwak Han Eol Retired
fiFinland t Satiini Juha-Matti Backström incredible Panic
frFrance z illu Kevin Vandini Alt-Tab.Gaming (Manager)


ID Name Position
Russia DeathNote Oleg Gusev Orga


The CEO of the organisation, Tim "WetDreaM" Buysse, was involved in eSports controversy even prior to founding of Absolute Legends. In between 2004 and 2009, he was caught cheating in StarCraft: Brood War tournaments seven times.[12] WetDreaM was also involved in misconduct while playing League of Legends for Fnatic, having had a member of his team play on a different account in order to be able to participate in the German EPS,[13] as well as whilst playing for SK Gaming,[14] the team from which he was subsequently kicked.[15]

Former players from the StarCraft II team often mentioned unsatisfactory treatment whilst playing for the team.

"DeathAngel was last year a member of Ai until he left. But he was and is a friend of this team. Since not every team out there is as "nice" as Ai, and his "former" team did not support him and did even worse things to him, Ai decided to help him out for the moment."

— "Alien Invasion"[16]

"I had a really bad past with my teams after (I left) mousesports. I was in many teams, and all of them sucked, so right now it feels really good to be in Fnatic."

— "Naama"[17]

"Looks like I won't be getting the last money Absolute Legends owes me. Only guy that might've paid just left their organization. Tim "WetDreaM" Buysse is one of the biggest scumbags in eSports. I advice players not to believe his and AL's lies. That is all."

— "BabyKnight"[18]

On the 2nd January 2013, former player MaddeLisk published a lengthy blog, detailing abuse committed by Absolute Legends and their CEO, Tim Buysse, backed up by seven other former players and managers in the organisation to support the statement from BabyKnight a few days before. Amongst the alleged malpractice, MaddeLisk reported that salaries and travel expenses reimbursements were often late, and prize money won by players and teams and was paid directly to the organisation, was not given to the players. A further incident detailed as to how the Grand Hotel in Jönköping called up players since they were owed "about 30,000SEK (~$4643)" and AL did not pay for months. DeathAngel reported that the organisation owed him up to €3,000, whilst one of the League of Legends squads was owed $10,000.

The Co-CEO, Ryad Abour, who was previously the CEO of eSahara prior to it being acquired by Absolute Legends, left the latter organisation in December 2012, citing communication problems with the CEO, as well as the series of incidents with their teams being left wanting.

"After the merge, the team spirit faded away. Our salaries were late and both players and staff received a lot of criticism for not doing enough for the team. Getting information about whether or not we could go to LANs was almost impossible, resulting in players not getting spots in tournaments such as DreamHack Summer 2012. It should be added that we asked about this particular event pretty much every day for over a month."

"The way we were treated after the merge is something I really don’t agree with. We were told how unprofessional we were, how badly we did, what a waste of money we were, etc.. They didn’t give us the motivation I expect from a team."

"I talked to other (former) players from AL and they told me about problems similar to what the SC2 team experienced. Talking to one of the old dota teams and two old LoL teams made me feel like AL was nothing but a scam. They seem to owe a lot of money. Those who were paid told me about months and months of delays. It wasn’t just about salaries. A lot of prize money was sent to AL, but never passed on to the players. There was also travel money that was never repaid. I asked Ryad on December 31st 2012 if the the prize money was paid to one of the former LoL teams and he said no. I spoke to some of the LoL members and was told that AL owes this particular LoL team about 10 000$."

— "MaddeLisk"[19]

The Absolute Legends CEO published a response to the allegations in the blog. WetDreaM stated that the new players and teams that came in from eSahara, including the StarCraft II section, was the responsibility of the former eSahara CEO, Ryad Abour, who was also responsible for paying these players and teams. It seems the players were on the team but at the same time not according to Tim. This was in direct contradiction to what was stated in MaddeLisk's blog, which portrayed Ryad Abour as someone who was of great help to the players, and was, according to MaddeLisk, a "good guy" and a "very good CEO". WetDreaM published Skype logs of his conversation with MaddeLisk, whereby the latter said that Ryad still owed her money and that he always late with his payments. The Skype logs were not dated.

WetDreaM provided proof that the Grand Hotel in Jönköping had been paid in full by showing the payment in witch it was also clear that the payment was made over two months after the stay, supporting the statement of MaddeLisk. He proceeded to provide explanations for some of the other allegations from players, managers and other associates who spoke up in MaddeLisk's blog, far from all though.

The statement was backed up by a member of the AL Counter-Strike division, stating that "Our team have been paid out what we agreed on every time and even more to fix our issues that we had in the team. Could not be happier with aL and Tim."

"As I said before, I made mistakes in the past and we started this organization with no support or money. We had a bumpy road to begin with. My past being something that has to be always brought up because I was 14 years old and cheated in BroodWar. I am not proud of it, I regret it and if I could do it all over again knowing where we are now I would have never done it. Years later when I was over twenty years old and I started playing League I could have chosen to be someone else, but I thought it was only fair to pick up the silly name WetDreaM again so people know about my past and people not wanting to deal with me because of that have all right to do so. I am far from perfect and I admit I have made mistakes, but that doesn’t mean people have the right to make false accusations towards us."

— "WetDreaM"[20]

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