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[e][h] Adept
Unit Information
Ground Unit
Ranged specialist. Can use Psionic Transfer.
Built From:
100 25 30 (27) 2
Attack 1:
Targets: Ground
Damage: 10 (+1)
DPS: 6.2 (+0.62)
9 (+0.9) Resonating Glaives
Cooldown: 1.61 (-0.5)
Bonus: +12 (+1) vs Light
Bonus DPS: +7.45 (+0.62) vs Light
RGl 18.67 (+1.56)
Range: 4
70 70 1 (+1)
9 (4 as a Shade)
Cargo Size:
Strong against:
Weak against:


Adepts are "highly trained battlefield commanders", warped in at the Gateway after the Cybernetics Core has finished. They were first introduced in Legacy of the Void.

Despite their low rate of fire, Adepts can punch a hole through Lightly-armored targets. In addition, they can project a Shade of themselves, a controllable copy of the Adept that is immune but which exists for a brief time. Once this timer is up, the original Adept will teleport to the location of the shade, or the shade can be cancelled and preserve the location of the Adept. Due to the speed and immortality of the shade, this makes for an ideal scout. The ability can also be used for more offensive purposes. If the shade(s) are sent into the base of an opponent, it may require the opponent to split their army to deal with the possibility of the shade(s) expiring and the Adepts dealing damage. If Adepts are used for extensive damage-dealing, it may be desirable to research the Resonating Glaives upgrade from the Twilight Council, increasing Adept attack speed.

Two defining features of developed armies in Starcraft are either they are extremely mobile but lacking power or powerful with less mobility. Two Stargate units the Phoenix and Oracle can harass where Adepts cannot, all three combined are even capable of defending almost all threats from both Terran and Zerg from the early to mid game. See Versus Protoss for why Adepts are not common there.

Adepts have no anti-air attack and are commonly produced alongside Stargate units like a few Oracles and many Phoenix. Phoenixes can control the opponent's air units, and their harassment, while also having the Graviton Beam ability to remove Armored units into the air and leave the Light units to be cleared up by the Adept's bonus damage. Most common against Zerg and Terran.


Psionic Transfer
Caster: Adept
Cooldown: 11 s
Hotkey: F
Projects an invulnerable Shade that can move but cannot attack. After 7 seconds, the Adept teleports to the Shade's location.

Adept can cancel the Psionic transfer ability at any time. When cancelled, the Shade disappears and the Adept does not teleport.

Shades can pass through units and Force Fields, but not buildings or other Shades.


 100      100      100 Hotkey: A
Researched from: Twilight Council
Increases the attack speed of the Adept by 45%.

Removed upgrade[edit]

Shield Upgrade
 100      100      100 Hotkey: S
Researched from: Twilight Council
Increases the Adept's shields by 50.

Competitive Use[edit]


  • Combos well with a Warp Prism or Oracles in the early game to be able to pressure and harass two locations at the same time. A Warp Prism also gives an early Warpgate research timing for Adepts if the opponent has teched too hard or too greedy.
  • Like the Stalker, Adepts can combo with Sentry's Forcefield ability for defense against Ground unit rushes. You can defend off of Gateways alone, depending on the size of the ramp you wish to defend. This effect is enhanced when Warpgate research is finished and was used in Wings of Liberty against a Stalker-based 4 Warpgate Rush to buy time for Immortals.

Vs. Protoss[edit]

  • The Adept has a range of 4, the Stalker has a range of 6 and does more damage especially against armored units.
  • After Adept (1) has been made to scout the opponent's opening, usually Gateway (2) with a few Sentries to guard the ramp, it is more favored to go into mass Zealot with enough Sentries to stop the enemy from kiting the Zealots before they have Charge researched.
  • The Adept is one of the reasons PvP is as volatile as it is; many PvP early games revolve around sneaking two Adepts into the opponent's main and killing probes. If left unchecked, 2 Adepts can cause massive economic damage or even end the game.

Vs. Terran[edit]

  • Adepts can use the Psionic Shade to spot the high ground against a Terran Supply Depot Wall-In. Especially strong against a Reaper and to an extent a Reactor Hellion opening.
  • Adepts paired with Phoenix have the potential to snowball in PvT especially when faced with a hyper aggressive Terran who sends unrelenting Medivac waves, feeding their army to the Phoenixes and Adepts in very small manageable chunks where you can end up overwhelming the Terran at the midgame.

Vs. Zerg[edit]

  • When combined with an early wall-in, Adepts are effective at preventing early Zergling rushes due to their effectiveness against light armored units.
  • Adepts are used as a follow up scout after the Probe , this ensures that a Protoss player has the ability to see the Zerg player's plans by way of the shade ability. Using Psionic Transfer gives the Adept the ability to scout and/or escape any Lings attempting to kill the Adept. This would also allow the Protoss player to potentially inflict early game damage by killing a few Drones either by using the shade to dive into a mineral line or by using shade as an escape tool.
  • An early Adept push with Resonating Glaives, either rushed or after a Stargate opening, may do tremendous economic damage to the Zerg. In the case the build forces out Roaches, the Adepts should not commit to a straight up fight, but instead use their Shades to pressure the Zerg. This is because a follow up Roach counter-push is potentially deadly to the Protoss.
  • A mid game Gladept Immortal Sentry timing is another way to use Gladepts. The ranged nature of the Adept allows it to attack units that have been blocked by Force Fields.


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