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[e][h] Adonminus
Player Information
מארק איושפה
Romanized Name:
Mark Ioshpa
June 13, 1995 (age 27)
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Winnings 2022:
Years active:
2011 - 2015
2020 - Present
2012-04-18 — 2012-06-??
2012-??-?? — 2012-??-??
2012-10-28 — 201?-??-??
2013-06-14 — 201?-??-??
2020-08-10 — 2021-05-26
2021-05-26 — Present
Recent Matches
Adonminus  Israel
Finland  Mixu
2022-04-29 00:00:05UTC  
Adonminus  Israel
Finland  Mixu
2022-04-29 00:00:03UTC  
Adonminus  Israel
United Kingdom  MonosOlos
2022-04-29 00:00:00UTC  
Adonminus  Israel
Russia  Brat_OK
2022-03-14 00:00:01UTC  
Adonminus  Israel
Sweden  Thalagor
2022-02-18 00:00:12UTC  

Mark "Adonminus" Ioshpa (born June 13, 1995) is an Israeli Protoss player who is currently playing for PSISTORM Gaming.


Adonminus played StarCraft: Brood War casually before playing in the StarCraft II beta. He played Zerg in the StarCraft II beta, before switching to Protoss.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Adonminus has been a high-master player until getting promoted to grandmaster by the end of Wings of Liberty.

In Wings of Liberty, Adonminus has performed well in IGA Season 1 placing 3rd as well as finishing 1st in IGAOpen Winter Effort beating GlobEX 3-1 in the finals. He also finished first in the SC2Improve Winter League 2012 beating Shibbxyz 4-3 in the finals.

Adonminus played in Israeli teams such as NOM Gaming, ESrael. Later he joined UCAP eSports. On June 14, he joined the professional Starcraft 2 team Cascade.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

In Heart of the Swarm, Adonminus started to get more active in the European scene, and started competing in the WCS qualifiers. In WCS 2013 Season 3, he qualified for Challenger league by defeating players like Bischu and Miniraser. In Challenger league, he managed to qualify for Premier league, by beating BabyKnight 2-0 and later 2-1 in the group finals, but because of the change in the WCS system he did not get to actually play in the WCS Premier league in the following season.

In 2014, he qualified for WCS Season 3 in the Ladder Wildcard qualifier. In Challenger league, he went on to play Happy but lost 3-1 and was knocked out.

He also went on to qualify in Destiny I by getting in top 8 of the North American Grand-master league. In the group stages he beat Petraeus 2-0 and then faced Snute, losing 0-2. With his tournament on the life on the line, he played against INnoVation and caused a major upset by winning 2-1. By doing so, he made it out of his group and made it on to the semifinal. In the Round of 8, he lost relatively quickly against Kane with a 0-3 score.

He later participated in 2014 DreamHack Open Moscow and got placed with Golden, Happy and Ludasha in the round of 32. He first lost to Golden 0-2, and went down to the losers match, then he beat Ludasha and got to the deciders match. In the deciders match, he took revenge on Golden by beating him 2-0 and advancing to Ro16 with Happy. In the Ro16, he was matched against Patience but lost 0-2 and was knocked out of the tournament.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

After almost 5-year long hiatus Adonminus joined Team eXoN and tried to qualify for DH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: Europe.


  • Adonminus also wrote several guides for Protoss, such as his PvZ guide that he wrote early 2012.[1]
  • Has a very unusual playstyle (including Tempest rushes, or the use of Carriers), and is unpredictable when it comes to strategy.


In A2Major Tournaments
2015-09-022ndCascade1xbet Clan League Season 7
3 : 4MilleniumMillenium$75
In A3Minor Tournaments
2022-07-311stAlpha X SDC Team RumblePSISTORM GamingPSISTORM Gaming4 : 1Team SuperTeam Super$30
2022-02-061stKoprulu League Season 21: Division 1PSISTORM GamingPSISTORM Gaming4 : 3Genesis GamingGenesis Gaming$12.50
2021-07-182ndJumyCup #3PSISTORM GamingPSISTORM Gaming2 : 3$29.51
2020-12-131st#PassionCraft Honey Badger ChristmasTeam eXoNTeam eXoN4 : 1$30
2020-11-271stTeam eXoN vs Archangel Gaming - 4v4
Team eXoN
1 : 0$50
2014-12-162ndDestroyStoryCup II: Winter-GamesCascadeCascade3 : 4$50
2014-03-302ndSC2Improve Team League
1 : 4mYinsanitymYinsanity$17.19
2013-02-191stSC2Improve Winter LeagueUCAP eSportsUCAP eSports4 : 3$38.56
2012-01-261stIGAOpen Winter Effort3 : 1$300
In A4Basic Tournaments
2022-04-291stPlatypus: April MastersPSISTORM GamingPSISTORM Gaming3 : 0$30
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Matchup Statistics

 vs Protossvs Terranvs ZergTotal
as Protoss133 - 13449.8 %104 - 8455.3 %133 - 9059.6 %370 - 30854.6 %
as Terran2 - 0100 %0 - 0-0 - 0-2 - 0100 %

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