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All Gamers e-Sports Club, often abbreviated AG, is a Chinese esports organisation. It is originally a StarCraft II team, but later well-known for its success from a FPS game, Cross Fire, after disbanding its StarCraft II divsion.


As Visual Arena[edit]

The team was originally a amateur team playing StarCraft: Broodwar, founded by Chinese Broodwar veterans MTY and YR in 1999.[1]

As the beta test of StarCraft II began in March of 2010, the team started to recruit training members and transferred into a professional team. The team was originally named Visual Arena and based in Wuhan, then established a branch in Chengdu.[2]

As All Gamers[edit]

On September 30, 2011, the team announced it would change its name to All Gamers, with all the members of club were preserved in the team.[1]



ID Name New Team
ChinaChina p GuangMo Guo Zhenkun (郭征坤) ZZZZZ Retirement
ChinaChina p DreAm Zhu Shijie (朱世杰) Team Dignitas
ChinaChina p Gol Sun Cong (孙聪) ZZZZZ Retirement
ChinaChina p xiaOt Sun Liwei (孙力伟) Nirvana
ChinaChina p MacSed Hu Xiang (胡翔) Nirvana
ChinaChina p JiFeng Qiu Jianfeng (邱建峰) Nirvana
ChinaChina p Thank Wei Wei (魏伟) ZZZZZ Retirement
ChinaChina t Gundam Yu Yang (于洋) ZZZZZ Management
ChinaChina t Syc Su Youchao (苏友超) ZZZZZ Retirement
ChinaChina t MTY Ma Tianyuan (马天元) ZZZZZ Management
ChinaChina t RamonaCC Xue Zhifeng (薛智峰) ZZZZZ Retirement
ChinaChina t DouDou Wu Yujin (吴玉金) For.Love
ChinaChina z Howser Li Jiajun (李嘉骏) ZZZZZ Retirement
ChinaChina z YHY Yang Hanyu (杨汉宇) ZZZZZ Retirement
ChinaChina z ToNi Zhao Kang (赵康) ZZZZZ Retirement
ChinaChina z Ezrc Zhang Runchao (张润超) For.Love
ChinaChina z XiGua Wang Lei (王磊) Nirvana
ChinaChina z Comm Shen Hui (沈辉) Nirvana
ChinaChina z GoMax Wang Jing (王晶) Nirvana



ID Name Position
China YR Yi Ran (易冉) CEO
China MTY Ma Tianyuan (马天元) Coach
China 菲菲 Ma Tianyuan (姜亚斐) Manager



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