Almost Perfect eSports Club

[e][h]Almost Perfect eSports Club
Team Information
Henrik "Pyloss" Book
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
July 25, 2016
Recent Player Trades:
July 2016, Team created


Almost Perfect eSports Club was a German based eSports team founded on July 25, 2016. It originally started out as a clan called Cyclic that over time developed into a tight knit community. The team rebranded in 2016 to focus on more higher level competition. The team disbanded in 2018.


  • July 25, Team founded
  • August 30, The team gets sponsored by Queal [1]
  • November 6, Vengance Fishing Club merges into Almost Perfect eSports Club [2]


ID Name New Team
ilIsrael p AURA Ori
noNorway z Civi Simon Barane
fiFinland p Erakko Eerik Klemola
deGermany t cykland Manuel Krebs
deGermany t TheGreatNeo Joshua Pier
deGermany p Pyloss Henrik Book
seSweden z Chendar Robin Bergström Team Cladocera
ukUnited Kingdom t BrightYellow Alex Team Cladocera
noNorway z Darroweve Thorleif Grande Houkago Tea Team
deGermany z Aelith Tim Böneker Houkago Tea Team
noNorway t erL Erlend Fors Team Cladocera
deGermany p Kenshin Martin Helbing ECV eSports
noNorway p Mastermind Kristian Artvåg ECV eSports
noNorway z LegendKiller Johannes Vatnøy
noNorway t HeltEn Torbjørn Næristorp ECV eSports
plPoland z Alchemik Kuba Paleń Retired
ptPortugal t Eery José Salgado Retired
dkDenmark p PainGamer Mark Holm Jensen Retired
deGermany z Zippy Michael Regel Infinite Edge eSports
dkDenmark p Thias Mathias Holm Poulsen Swarm Squad
ruRussia p ReKlaSeRt Ilya Okulov HD Game
dkDenmark t MperorM Mathias Bonde Redbloods
deGermany t vmgNarra Martin S
seSweden p FightingFrog Iron Chain
deGermany T neverdieTRX Marcus Lanvers Retired


ID Name Position
Germany Pyloss Henrik Book Team Owner, Manager, Caster