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[e][h] AnNyeong
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Moon Hak-seon
May 8, 1987 (1987-05-08) (age 33)
Alternate IDs:
AnnYeongPrime, AnnyungPrime, Annyung, swingswing
Total Earnings:
2010-??-?? — 2012-07-12
2013-05-29 — 2013-12-23

Moon "AnNyeong" Hak Seon is a Zerg player from South Korea who is currently teamless.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Global StarCraft II League[edit]

AnNyeong took part in:

AnNyeong had a good run in the South Korean qualifiers for the World Cyber Games. He made it to the Ro8 before being eliminated 2-1 by Mvp.

In the 2012 GSL Season 1 Code A preliminaries, AnNyeong clinched a Code A spot by defeating Sleep in the finals. He lost to his opponent, Ryung, 2-1 in the first round of Code A, falling back down to Code B.

AnNyeong qualified for Code A again after winning his bracket in the 2012 GSL Season 3 Code A Preliminaries. He was then eliminated in the first round of Code A in a 2-1 loss to Sniper, once again falling to Code B.

He is also regularly sent out by Prime in team leagues.

On July 12, 2012, It was stated in an interview that AnNyeong left Prime and retired from professional StarCraft II.[1] On May 29, 2013, he was stated as being part of the Prime roster again, returning to competition.[2][3]

ESV TV Korean Weekly[edit]

On October 13, 2011, AnNyeong participated in the ESV TV Korean Weekly Season 1 Weekly 12. After taking down asd, Shine, TAiLS, CoCa, and ForGG, he advanced in to the finals to face TaeJa. He was not able to advance any further and lost to TaeJa by a score of 0-4 and ended up taking second place.


In A1Premier tournaments
2012-07-0341 - 64th2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 3: Code A1 : 2 Sniper$347.71
2012-02-0741 - 64th2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Code A1 : 2 Ryung$358.22
2010-11-2533 - 64th2010 Sony Ericsson StarCraft II Open Season 30 : 2 Choya$260.10
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Team Achievements

In A1Premier tournaments
2012-06-034thKorean StarCraft II League 2012 Season 1: Group Stage4-3Grp S.$100
2012-06-031stKorean StarCraft II League 2012 Season 16 : 0$625
2011-10-082nd2011 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 13 : 5$1,254.55
In A2Major tournaments
2012-03-091stIPL Team Arena Challenge 28 : 7$1,000
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