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Antec Attack

[e][h]Antec Attack
League Information
1v1, Single-elimination
Prize pool:
200 EUR
Start Date:
End Date:
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The Antec Attack is a weekly online tournament which takes place every Wednesday since February 1, 2012. The event gathers up to 512 players competing for a €200 prize pool (€125 for the winner, €75 for the runner-up). The event is broadcast by D-eSports in English and by Mori in German.[1]


The tournament is played in a "pool system" with high and low seeds up until the quarter finals. Starting with the quarter-finals, each round is played in a single-elimination grid system. The quarter and semi-final is held as a best of three. The final is a best of five. Maps are vetoed until the right set of possible maps is found.

During the tournament, the pool system finds the next available opponent automatically for the participant to minimize waiting times between the matches. A limited number of players receive high seeds in order to prevent them from eliminating each other before the final rounds. If a high seeded player loses his match, his opponent inherits his high seed slot.[1]


Converted USD prizes are based on the currency exchange rate (taken from Google Finance) on tournament dates at the end of the day.

Cup Date Winner Score Loser Prize ($ USD) Prize (€  EUR)Participants
26Cup 26 2012-07-25 South Korea  HyuN3 : 0Ukraine  fraer$241.25€200226
25Cup 25 2012-07-18 South Korea  HyuN3 : 1Norway  Snute$245.63€200206
24Cup 24 2012-07-11 Sweden  Seiplo3 : 1South Korea  Revival$244.77€200153
23Cup 23 2012-07-04 South Korea  Revival3 : 2Germany  roof$250.56€200205
22Cup 22 2012-06-27 Ukraine  Bly3 : 0South Korea  Revival$249.38€200166
21Cup 21 2012-06-20 South Korea  HyuN3 : 0South Korea  Revival$254.05€200121
20Cup 20 2012-06-13 Russia  Happy3 : 0Ukraine  Kas$251.31€200108
19Cup 19 2012-06-06 Russia  Happy3 : 1Ukraine  Kas$251.57€200145
18Cup 18 2012-05-30 South Korea  HyuN3 : 0South Korea  Revival$247.39€200142
17Cup 17 2012-05-23 Ukraine  Kas3 : 2South Korea  Sleep$251.76€200162
16Cup 16 2012-05-16 South Korea  HyuN3 : 0Russia  sLivko$254.34€200126
15Cup 15 2012-05-09 Austria  monchi3 : 0Poland  Nerchio$258.69€200187
14Cup 14 2012-05-02 Germany  DBS3 : 1Germany  Tarrantius$263.06€200151
13Cup 13 2012-04-25 South Korea  HyuN3 : 0Russia  TitaN$264.45€200207
12Cup 12 2012-04-18 South Korea  Revival3 : 0Ukraine  White$262.43€200233
11Cup 11 2012-04-11 Russia  TitaN3 : 2South Korea  HyuN$262.19€200183
10Cup 10 2012-04-04 South Korea  HyuN3 : 1Russia  sLivko$262.80€200187
9Cup 9 2012-03-28 Poland  Nerchio3 : 1South Korea  SeoHyeon$266.29€200161
8Cup 8 2012-03-21 South Korea  RainBOw3 : 1South Korea  PhoeNix$264.27€200182
7Cup 7 2012-03-14 South Korea  Polt3 : 1Russia  LiveZerg$260.64€200152
6Cup 6 2012-03-07 South Korea  Polt3 : 0Russia  sLivko$263.03€200153
5Cup 5 2012-02-29 Austria  monchi3 : 0Germany  GoOdy$266.50€200170
4Cup 4 2012-02-22 South Korea  Polt3 : 0Russia  LiveZerg$264.91€200189
3Cup 3 2012-02-15 Poland  Nerchio3 : 1Germany  GoOdy$261.17€200221
2Cup 2 2012-02-08 Ukraine  Bly3 : 0Austria  monchi$265.09€200148
1Cup 1 2012-02-01 Ukraine  Bly3 : 1South Korea  Polt$263.47€200274


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